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  1. Joining your ranks with a 2009 3.8 - Moving to it from a Fiat

    Hello all, just saying hello as I'll be around here reading and such a lot and may ask a question or two in the future. I just placed a deposit on a 2009 3.8 with premium package I believe. I am moving to this from my 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth so this will be a slight change needless to say. I...
  2. Moving around the NAV screen ...

    I have NEVER been able to move the NAV in a way that is useful. I have a Hyundai Genesis 2015 Ultimate and every time you touch the screen it MOVES WAY AWAY from where it was before you touched it. Thus it is useless. Has anyone found a way to make it move just a little with a touch, make it...
  3. Moving to the mountains

    Hello guys, so I am looking to buy a new Genesis Coupe R-Spec but now I am moving to Big Bear City, CA from Los Angeles, CA for work. I should be there for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years. Can Genesis Coupe R-Spec handle the mountains? Thank guys!
  4. Hyundai moving north?

    Here's a story that will drop your shorts. :confused: :D http://www3.carbuzz.com/m/Article.aspx?Id=13658
  5. Might be moving....MD

    Hey, i might be moving to Maryland and i just want to know the area. (ft Meade)
  6. DVD while moving

    is there a way to allow a passenger to watch a DVD on the LCD while the car is moving? I'd of course never drive at watch a DVD.
  7. Thoughts on moving from 1st to 2nd gen. sedan

    I'll preface this post by saying that I usually keep my cars at least eight years. I was planning to do the same with my '11 Genesis 4.6, which has only around 40k miles on it and is in great condition. However, the recent weather here in the South and the advent of several significant new...
  8. DominicJE

    Moving "Genesis" Letter to left side

    Hi Everyone, I just received my BH380 emblem and I want to move the GENESIS lettering to the left rear side of the car and put the BH380 on the right rear. My question is, I had my car for over a year and when I remove the GENESIS lettering, I'm assuming it will not be sticky anymore, right...
  9. Physically moving the driver's seat back in the car

    Hi, I am new to the forum and although I did a search of previous threads I could not find anything on this subject. I am considering buying a used Genesis (probably a 2010 with the premium package or above) but the one thing I have found with the Genesis that is a problem for me is that the...
  10. Tech "Lock Outs" while moving?

    Pretty close to pulling the trigger on a 2011 Genesis 4.6 Sedan. One thing I wanted to ask... In my G35, there is a lockout on a lot of the tech functionality while the car is moving. If I want to use the Nav, I have to enter everything in before I start moving. I have XM traffic, but I...
  11. A big thank you to all our supporters! We're moving to a new server!

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank all our site supporters and vendors for their financial support! The days of slow-loading pages are soon coming to an end. We're moving off a virtual server and onto a dedicated server by the end of the week. While there WILL be some downtime, we're...
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