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  1. Blue Link problems and voice command

    Default Blue Link problems and voice command Have a 2015 Genesis and since I own the car the Blue Link has been operating erratically. When I depress the button on the rear view mirror I get a spinning ball and then "Connection Error try again later." I tried different locations with no...
  2. 2014 Nav chip

    Hello - trying to purchase a Nav SD card, but dealership said it would cost $500+ to get one. they said its tied to my VIN. is this true or can i just buy one from a pick a part or online. any idea where i can purchase one
  3. 2010 touch screen nav update fiasco

    I hope no one else here has had this problem! While genny was in for 60k service, i though it would be a good idea to have them update the nav system. First time around, they updated it to map version 4 and gave it back to me. Knowing that the most recent maps should show version 8, i took it...
  4. Is there a coating on the NAV screen?

    I noticed a few scratches on the screen when I was detailing the interior. I started to rub the scratches with my finger to see how deep it was and noticed the scratches got worse. Is there or was there some kind of antiglare coating on it? The scratches bugged me so I scrubbed most of it off...
  5. tmf2004

    Nav Screen goes dark after starting car..

    So yesterday i drove the car to work like normal. only this time i get in, start the car and the screen is black.. Whats weird is the reverse camera works, music works, but no screen? I called Bluelink on the way to work and she advised doing a reset of the unit and if that didn't work take it...
  6. nickpike

    GPS speed on the NAV map screen

    Hi, I have asked this before but was wondering if anyone can offer an update. I know some of you clever people can access the engineering pages. Is it possible to turn on a GPS speed anywhere in the vehicle, say, on the NAV screen? All the three speeds shown (gauge, HUD and LCD screen between...
  7. Post your tips & tricks on how to make Nav system work

    I've had my 3.8 for almost one month, and in that time have not been able to get my nav system to work. I've tried voice commands and typing in addresses to no avail. When I try typing in an address, before I finish, it gives message not found. This happens each time I've tried it - it doesn't...
  8. Second Generation Nav display question

    A question for the more tech oriented owners; Is it better for longer nav system life to drive with the nav display off when not in use or does it matter? Thanks!
  9. nickpike

    How to copy mp3 files into the Audio/ Nav unit?

    Hi all, according to the manual, my Audio/ Nav unit has 4 Gb of memory. is this just for default software like the Nav maps, for example, or can I copy mp3 files into the memory? If I can, how do I do it?
  10. Moving around the NAV screen ...

    I have NEVER been able to move the NAV in a way that is useful. I have a Hyundai Genesis 2015 Ultimate and every time you touch the screen it MOVES WAY AWAY from where it was before you touched it. Thus it is useless. Has anyone found a way to make it move just a little with a touch, make it...
  11. Nav System Demise

    My Genny's nav system started showing us to be in a different state again. This first happened last spring and the dealer changed the antenna. All was well until several weeks ago when it started "relocating" me again. The technician recharged the capacitor and my servicer advisor told me that...
  12. Displaying the album art on nav screen?

    Is there any way during iPod or DVD audio to have the album are displayed on the screen instead of a list of files on the disc?
  13. How often do u use G2 NAV vs. your smartphone?

    I have Ultimate so it has the bigscreen DIS NAV. But I almost never use it b/c I still prefer my Samsung Note4 Google Nav, it's quicker, I can do voice commands easy, and real time traffic seems smarter. What about y'all?
  14. Nav update- is it any good?

    The original Nav system in 2015 Ultimate is so frequently wrong and stupid that I don't use it. Has anyone upgraded to the new map/software? They want $300 for it. I am wondering if the algorithms are any better and can take traffic into account and pick a reasonable route for a change.
  15. k9kids

    Nav screen

    When I hit the Nav button on the console, the pic below shows what is displayed. I have to hit the back button in order for the map to show up. I can't find a setting to make it display differently. Can it be done?
  16. Nav Screen acting funny when backing up

    I have 2012 4.6 gen with nav and all the goodies, it has 22,000 mile on it. When I back up the nav screen get darker and the top of the screen looks like T.V. interferences. This doesn't happen ever time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Marty
  17. xsolara

    2015 Nav help

    My wife posted our home for "our home" how do you delete this so I can change the address. I reviewed the manual and can't find any solution to edit this function.... HELP :) 2015 AWD 3.9l signature package (touch screen version)
  18. Second Generation 2015 Ultimate Nav Research

    I recently traded in my 2013 coupe for a 2015 ultimate sedan. The amount of tech in this car is borderline insane, and it appears that a good portion of it is interfaced with the "Driver Information System" (DIS 2.0). So, I'm going to research how the software running on the unit is put...
  19. Second Generation Nav System

    2015 5.0 Ultimate when running low on gas prompt asks whether you need directions to gas station, even when I select 'No' Nav System still opens. Anyone experience this?
  20. BogKid

    Nav Unit would not set up a certain route.

    I just tried to enter a route from my home (near Philadelphia) to a street address in New York City (Near LaGuardia Airport). The nav system seemed to recognize the address and took it, but when i hit "set destination" I got a message to the effect that the system could not up this destination...