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  1. xiaphin

    Stanced Visuals Magazine Promo 2016 Video

    A month or so back I attended an event bringing all the cars who are to be in the first two issues of this magazine together. @stancedvisuals @midnightrush.photo Here is the video result from the event. Stanced Visuals Magazine Promo 2016 Video My car is in a few shots with trunk setup at 0:54...
  2. Keffer Hyundai, Charlotte, NC

    2016 Genesis 3.8 Base Just had my first oil change done at Keffer Hyundai. It was a very pleasant experience. All went well and the staff was very professional. I will give them a 10+. PaulM
  3. Southern States Hyundai in Raleigh, NC

    Any thoughts/experiences with buying and service? Thanks.
  4. videopho

    Big Tuning Event (Genesis Coupe) near Raleigh, NC

    The tuning (and meet) will take place in the weekend of Feb-7th and 8th in Garner, NC. The tuners are from BTRcc which is very well known for their work. Realized that this is for the coupe clans but the sedan enthusiasts may join to see or learn how the coupes are dyno-tuned and so forth. I...
  5. Looking to split garage rental - Raleigh, NC area

    Greetings all! I'm one of those unfortunate folks living in a townhouse with no true garage space ;) I've made do for the last few years with my storage building but with the addition of the Genesis, there's no way that with the additional space needed it's going to work out. So, I'm...
  6. Hyundai of New Bern, NC

    Purchased my 2011 CPO Genesis at Hyundai of New Bern, NC over the weekend. They have an 'abnormally' high number of these it seems so I went down to find the one I wanted and couldn't be happier with the experience. Great selection, great pricing, great folks to work with. My sales...
  7. Hello from NC

    Leased a 2012 Genesis 3.8 with tech and premium packages. Black with cashmere interior. LOVE THIS CAR! Only problems have been that iPod connector would not output sound to all 4 speakers (fixed) and back part of drivers seat came off when I opened the seat pocket. (fixed). Dealership fixed...
  8. N00b from Charlotte, NC

    What's going on guys. Figured I would drop in and say hey. Just traded in my C5 Corvette in last week for an 09 Genesis 3.8. Was ready for something that had a nice ride, and I could just hop in and cruise. And working in automotive service I didn't feel like getting a bmw or mercedes bc of...
  9. Newbie, NC

    Hi, my name is Ron Veenker. I live in Holden Beach NC. While in Nashville TN visiting family for Christmas, I took my grandsons out to do manly things like kick tires at a dealership. This was Dec 23. On Saturday, Dec 26 I drove away in a Black/black 3.8 2009 Genesis. I visit the forum...
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