1. dareckibmw

    Dareckibmw's Genesis 5.0 - fastest color [Official Thread]

    It took me a while to make a decision, which wheels I would like to have on my car. I wasn't sure about the design and/or color, then I saw Huddleston's car ..... I said to myself - those wheels are gorgeous! I want them too! They look awesome on white cars, especially with black glossy pano...
  2. Nikgen

    Latest Official G90 Info Genesis Motors site us updated as well:
  3. 2017 Genesis G90 Official Sketches

  4. Official Press Release: Hyundai Motor Launches New Global Luxury Brand, 'Genesis'

    - New 'Genesis' brand will compete with the world's leading luxury car brands - Six-model line-up begins roll-out from December catering for 'new luxury' customers, delivering personalized and human-centered experiences - Refined performance, athletic elegance in design and human-focused...
  5. xiaphin

    The OFFICIAL Air Suspension Thread

    I have created this thread for users who have already installed and/or are in the process of installing Air Suspension on their Sedan. Place to discuss available kits, management options, setups, installs, offer advice etc. There will not be many of us who can contribute to this thread, yet...
  6. Wordman

    2015 Genesis is the Official Pace Car of the OC Marathon

    Snapped a couple of shots yesterday of these beauties while I was picking up my bib for the Wahoo's 5k, part of the Orange County marathon (, at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA. The dark red is a 3.8L, and the dark blue is a 5.0L. Very nice. Very nice indeed...
  7. Where to Find Official KDM Wings

    Hey All, I'm looking for KDM wings for my wheels and trunk of my 2012 R-Sepc. I've looked on ebay and Korean auto imports but I have no idea which ones are the correct ones to buy. It appears that they are different colors depending on where I look and I have also heard that a lot of people buy...
  8. Official BLACK Genny Sedan Thread.

    I did a quick search and didn't see any threads like this so I'll start. I took this cool picture a few weeks ago.
  9. Cut-Throat

    Brake Fluid replace is now an official recall.....

    The Genesis Brake fluid replace that I happened to have done last week is now a recall. Just heard it announced on the news on the radio.
  10. jnc2000

    ***OFFICIAL Genesis Garage Thread***

  11. Koso Kustomz

    Koso Kustomz " OFFICIAL " Intro Thread

    I just wanted to take the time and say hello. I jumped on the supporter wagon. My name is Brian, I'm the owner of Koso Kustomz. We are a full custom shop and we do everything from basic repairs up to frame off restores. I have been working on cars for about 8 years now. Got into the drag...
  12. Aquineas

    It's official.. You can now buy a non-RSpec 5.0

    Maybe this is old news, but it was new to me. Check out the Hyundai build and price configurator:
  13. 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe - 1st Official Images

    The front looks better here than in the photoshopped image that went around last week. Early reports are suggesting 260HP for the 2.0T and 340HP for the 3.8 w/ another 8-10HP or so on premium fuel.
  14. sarge

    It's Official - 2nd Lemon in a Row

    I'm no longer a Genesis owner. My 2011 4.6 was a replacement for my 2009 4.6 w/Tech package. The first vehicle had a series of problems with the entire Driver Information System. Eventually, it had a total of 5 amplifiers and 2 head units, and the problem was never resolved. HYundai Motor...
  15. *Official* First Annual Big Tex Hyundai Meet - Aug. 13th to 15th

    http://www.Genesis Bill
  16. Hyundai's new 2011 Equus official website
  17. Hyundai's official performance parts

    Hundai Canada just launched a new web site for Canadian Genesis Coupe owners: These parts are available for Canadian owners, not sure if US customers can order from these dealers.
  18. Official Winter tires for Canada

    So i went to the Hyundai dealer looking for official winter tire package options for my V6 Tech, and here's what they are selling: Option 1: 17" Roadstone Winguard Sport 235/55R17 for C$1459 + taxes. Option 2: 17" Falken HS439 235/55R17 for C$ 1719 + taxes They would provide tire storage for...
  19. Official English Website of Hyundai Equus (Middle East)

    YouTube - Endless Passion and Centennial, Hyundai Equus Official Website of Hyundai Equus (Middle East Spec)
  20. 2010 Hyundai Sonata Press Release and Official Pictures

    Hyundai's sixth-generation Sonata encompasses new `fluidic sculpture' design philosophy Features 2.0 Theta II MPi engine, 6-speed automatic transmission (Note: All specifications and details in this release are based on the Korean domestic model) (Seoul, Korea) Hyundai Motor Company's all-new...
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