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  1. Oil Viscosity

    I see the cap suggests 5W-20 but I know that's for all climates. While there was A sale I was going not stock up but they are out of 5w-20. Is this the only oil that works?? What are he pros and cons of different types???
  2. hokie1525

    oil change and...did I do filter right?

    So I went ahead and did the first oil change at 2k miles. Mobil 1 5w30. I used to use it in my 2002 Maxima and drove it to high mileage, so I believe in it. Ok, so I made the stupid mistake of not paying close attention to the "before", so two questions? 1) Does it matter which way you...
  3. hokie1525

    First oil change

    Some people on this forum have mentioned changing their oil at about 1000 miles. The manufacturer recommends 7500, and even my dealer recommended not doing an early first one (although they recommend 5000 interval). So what is the justification for doing or not doing this early oil change?
  4. OEM Oil Filters Kia vs Hyundai?

    I'm looking at purchasing OEM oil filters and looked it up by part number for my 2012 3.8 Genesis sedan 26320-3C30A Odd thing is Kia parts and Hyundai parts both pop up with the same part numbers. Does anyone know if there is a difference in the parts other than the box?
  5. Transmission Oil Question - 2011 Equus Signature

    Hello everyone, I’ve been looking closely at my owner’s manual to see when the transmission oil should be exchanged on the Equus, I own a 2011 Signature model. According to the manual it’s every 100,000 miles yet my service advisor at Hyundai said the transmission has lifetime fluid. Lifetime...
  6. Checking Oil Levels

    I own a 5.0 that falls within the build date of "the oil burning issue". Although my car has not had excessive oil use (1 quart every 5000 mile ........ 1 litre every 8000 km) I have monitored it closely since purchase in 2012. One thing I have noticed in the past month: There is a difference...
  7. Oil filter oem or k&n

    Cars due for a second oil change soon. I used an oem oil filter last time and just seen that they have a k&n oil filter now. Anyone used the k&n filter before ?
  8. Amiddy

    Rear Main Seal Oil Leak

    Took my 2010 4.6 in today for an oil change. Returned to pick it up and got told that I have a small leak from the rear main seal. Cost given was $400+ to repair as it requires taking out the tranny. 1.) Do any of these "rear main seal" sealer solutions that you mix in with oil work? 2.) How...
  9. 2015 v8 2g oil change w/mityvac

    2015 5.0L 2G oil change w/mityvac Finally got around to changing the oil on this car using a MityVac - the notes below may help other DIY'ers. First off - why vacuum the oil out? Answer is you don't have to remove the rear lower body panel or the drain plug/crush washer. And since the...
  10. What oil should I use?

    I checked oil on my new Genesis (2015 base sedan,3.8L) and it shows about 1/2 quart low. I have 3200 miles on the odometer. I am going on a 1000 mile trip mostly interstate highway at 70 MPH. I would like to take a quart with me buy not sure what to buy. Does anyone know what the factory fill...
  11. Best Engine Oil for Genesis 2012 V6

    Hello, I wanted to get an opinion on what is the best engine oil for v6 genesis sedan 2012 based on the experience you guyz have? The owner's manual recommends quaker state. I am not a big fan of quaker state. Amongst Mobil 1 and Castrol which one is better?
  12. Oil consumption..

    Ok,so I have had to put in 2 quarts of oil in the past month.I do notice a bit of smoke when I step on gas to merge onto highway or pass another vehicle.Car still idles smoothly no other problems as of yet...Will my MPP warranty cover any of work it may need to replace piston rings? Has anybody...
  13. Oil change with a Mityvac 2016 3.8

    For those of you who DIY oil changes and using the MityVac canister. Mityvac makes 2 different units, one with a pump and one that uses an air compressor. I have an air compressor and am trying to figure out which unit would be best, given that the price is about the same. It seems so much...
  14. Reading the Oil Stick on 4.6

    I admit, I hardly check the oil level on this vehicle and I get the oil changed every 4-5K mi at the dealership. However, I do have a habit of starting to check oil level more often as my vehicles approach 100K mi etc So, I checked it this morning (sat overnight) and the oil level is 4 in...
  15. Latest Oil Change

    Took my Genesis 4.6 in for the latest oil change, and noticed the following: Where all previous oil changes have had this description oil - B Oil this time it had oil - B Duramax can anyone let me know, or have gotten this oil when have the oil changed ? What type of oil is this ?
  16. oil filter

    i note that the service order when i got an oil change at the dealer called for one 2630-3c250 oil filter however, yet on the official hyundai store site that filter is listed as for the v6 engine and all equus are to use filter 26320-3c30A. is the 3c250 the same as the 3c30A, was the correct...
  17. Engine Oil Change

    Hi Guys, when do you change for first time your engine oil? Some people change it on around 1000 miles for first time and then go along with the manufacturer maintenance schedule. Others change the oil on around 1000 miles, after that on around 3000 miles and then go along with the manufacturer...
  18. Oil changes at Monroe Muffler and Midas

    I want to get everyone's opinion if it was safe to have the oil changed on my 2013 Genesis at the above mentioned shops. I think the oil change part would be fine, but my concern is that they would use a non Hyundai oil filter. Do you think the use of the non oem filter could damage the engine?
  19. Do all 2012 5.0 r specs have oil burning problems?

    I have a 2009 4.6 and I'm looking at a 2012 5.0 with 55000km on it. I've read a lot on oil burning problems on that year. Would it be a good idea to pass on this 2012? Is there a specific month that has that problem? Any info would be great!
  20. 2014 Equus Oil Filter & Information

    Does anyone know if an oil filter for a 2009 Genesis 4.6 will fit a 2014 Equus? I have 5 filters left over from my 4.6 Genesis and want to know if I should consider using them for my Equus oil changes or not. From what I can see, my 2009 Genesis used oil filter 26320-3C100. It appears that the...
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