1. Little floor pedal stopper?

    Hey guys, I noticed this the day I bought it, but I'm really getting annoyed by it now. When you "floor" the pedal, there's a piece of plastic stopping it from hitting the floor, has anyone removed this to see if it goes faster? I'm tired of being restricted and I feel like my 3.8l sedan should...
  2. xiaphin

    Dynamic Edition Metal Accelerator Pedal - Questions

    Before you read everything below or close this tab because there is too much to read, my main question is "Did different years/trim have different accelerator pedals in the US?" The Metal Accelerator Pedal unit is much larger than the USDM assembly on my car. All information and pics below...
  3. Brake Pedal Problem

    I took my Genesis in for an oil & filter change this morning. I also asked them to check a possible problem with the brakes or brake pedal mechanism. When I step on the brake pedal, as it nears the point where it would normally stop I hear a "pop" noise and feel it with my foot. This happens...
  4. Second Generation Low pedal after brake fluid change

    2012 3.8/40k miles. Had the fluid changed (recall) Jan 14, nothing replaced beyond that. Brakes were terrific until I had to make a hard stop recently & immediately got a low pedal and what seems to be reduced braking power. Pedal remains low after 2-3 short neighborhood test drives. Any...
  5. Gas pedal stops responding

    I just got my '11 Genesis V6 back from the body shop after getting a new rear bumper cover installed from a minor rear ender. While driving the car the gas pedal suddenly stopped responding and the car lost speed. Everything else in the car kept working...steering, brakes, electronics, but the...
  6. Gas pedal has a click when you floor it

    Is this normal, do they have some kind of button at the end of the pedal? There's definitely a notch or something that it hits before you can floor it. Just wondering if everyone has this or I need to have it checked..
  7. Dead pedal / “Engine falls flat” potential fix..

    I have been trying to experience this issue first hand for a week, I am happy to report that I was able to it create twice, the first time I did not have logging enabled for the OBDII, but fortunately I was able to recreate it the second time around while I had the raw data logging enabled...
  8. Dead pedal on 2015.

    My 2013 Rspec has the gas pedal go dead when pulling out in traffic. Does the 2015 Genesis have the dead pedal issue, or has that changed or been resolved? Regards and thanks for the answer to question.
  9. How to get access to pedal assembly?

    Anyone know how to remove the plastic cover, where the pedal assembly and interior foot light is?
  10. Dead Pedal Mod

    I just traded a 2012 3.8 GT Genesis Coupe for a new 2013 3.8 premium Genesis.I found that the dead pedal was too low to be comfortable for me at 6 feet tall with a 32 inch pant leg. I saw a few mods here and came up with this solution. I took a piece of 1x4 wood beveled the floor end and...
  11. Dead pedal too far!!!

    Hi guys. When i adjust my exact seat position i find out that the dead pedal is too far from my left foot, and it affect my comfort, is there any possible way that i can fix that, shall i put a thick carpet on it or what to do to make it near to my foot?
  12. New Genesis - Gas Pedal Sticking?

    Hi folks, I just picked up my new 2013 3.8 Premium. So far, I LOVE this car. It's a huge upgrade from my 2007 Elantra base model SE :) My colleagues, customers, and family have all be really impressed with it too. One thing I have noticed, however, is that when I floor the gas pedal it kind of...
  13. Mark63021

    Accelerator pedal detent question...

    So you push the pedal down ~90%... and its smooth flowing…. Then comes this minor detent –or stop if you prefer, that if pressed further allows another amount of pedal travel. Anyone know what that’s about? Does it guarantee a downshift or something?
  14. Gas Pedal Lag & Audio Reset

    I think I've seen something similar for the gas pedal lag, but wanted to make sure you guys thought my issue was the same. Sometimes when leaving for work or coming home from work, my 2009 v6 premium tech package will lag when I press the gas pedal until I've driven it for a bit. The RPMs will...
  15. Ldarke

    Aluminum pedal kit

    Looking for an aluminum pedal kit for my 2011 4.6 sedan, and can only find kits for the coupe. Does anyone know if the coupe pedals will fit in a sedan properly? Does anyone have a set installed on their sedan, with photos?
  16. Hard Brake Pedal

    I have a 2012 Genesis Sedan with a 4.6L. Sometimes when I start the car in the morning (you need to press the brake pedal in order to start the car) the brake pedal is extremely hard to press down. This has been happening about twice a week. Has anyone encountered this problem?
  17. Sporadic Low Brake Pedal Issue

    My wife has an '09 3.8L genesis sedan with 73,000 mi. While driving to work a couple mornings ago, she was approaching a stop light and applied the brakes, and the pedal went down to within a couple inches from the floor board. She instinctively pumped the brakes and was able to stop the car, so...
  18. Dead pedal lacking

    The dead pedal (left foot rest) on my '12 3.8 is too far forward for my comfort. What about you? Anybody done any fixes?
  19. gas pedal seems stiff

    Hello, I have a 2012 Genesis 3.8L and the gas pedal seems a bit stiff. I'm having to push with a lot more force than I'm used to in order to get the car to accelerate, at least compared to my previous cars, a Lexus GS 300 and Toyota Corolla. Just wondering if anyone else feels that their...
  20. Weird vibration in gas pedal during cross wind

    Has anyone felt a really weird vibration/buzzing in the gas pedal during cross winds? For the last few days we've had a lot of wind here and it cuts straight across the highway. During this I feel a really pronounced vibration/buzzing sensation in the gas pedal. It's almost like someone...