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  1. CD player silence glitch

    Fortunately, I've been lucky and quite satisfied with the head unit on my 2015 3.8 Ultimate, including the CD player, but I'm experiencing a strange issue with one particular series of CDs from the Great Courses. At first I thought it was a recording or manufacturing defect, but it does not...
  2. CD Player - Error Message

    I had been listening to the CD player in my 2015 3.8. I parked the car, turned off the audio system, shut off the ignition and locked the car. After restarting the car I received the following error message "This app is still initializing. Please wait and try again later". Does anyone have...
  3. CD Player Lists!

    My cd player does not show track name lists for any newer CD music albums during playback. It only shows lists for older CD up to year 2004. Are there updates or downloads to correct this? My 2015 Genesis has the 17 speaker/navigation. The majority of newer cars does not have this problem...
  4. Tpr5.0

    Motorola Droid Turbo Google music player

    On Saturday, I purchased a Motorola Droid Turbo. Synced it to the vehicle and streamed the music via Bluetooth. I noticed when doing this, the sound quality is slightly diminished. With the iPhone 4S, I would connect the phone via USB cable and it would play the iPod and the sound quality was...
  5. Standard audio CD player

    The standard audio system has a one disc CD player. it was my understanding that I could download the CD's to the hard drive, but nothing in the manual or on the screen discusses this or offers instructions. Can this actually be done?
  6. New Ohio player....

    moving to OH (Dayton) at the end of the month and should have my genny by then.
  7. Aftermarket DVD player and LCD monitor headrest installed!

    When I purchased my Genesis back in 2011, I bought it w/out the stock Navigation system on purpose. I just automatically assumed there was an aftermarket DVD/Stereo kit/harness for my vehicle. NOPE! It aint out yet :confused: . I was so frustrated which eventually drove me to call place after...
  8. DRS

    Genesis DVD player: bypass lock when in drive

    I was told over the phone by an aftermarket audio store, that there was a way to bypass the DVD or iPod video lock out on the front screen when moving. They quoted about $350 to do it. I thought that was high. Anyone been able to change the system so the video plays while moving? The...
  9. landtuna

    Create audio-DVD's for your Genny's Player

    I originally wrote the following in the HD thread but then realized more people might see it if it were in its own, so...for your pleasure: Since some of you may not be aware, the 6-disc player can handle regular CD's and also audio-DVD's but NOT DVD-audio. (DVD-audio discs are a complete...
  10. Problem with cd player and trunk unlock on tech package

    Hey guys, I have a 2012 Rspec sedan and have a couple questions. I'm pretty sure any sedan with the tech package will be the same. My CD player doesn't go to the next CD when one finishes the last track, it just starts over on same CD on track one. I dont think it's in the settings, I've tried...
  11. Lost all sound, stereo, cd player & Nav 2011 Equus Signature

    This afternoon my wife and I were leaving the North part of Houston after Doctor's appointments and stopped for a bite. After about 45" got back to the car and started home and noticed no sound from the stereo, cd player or nav system. We tried everything but could not get sound, car has just...
  12. CD player in Equus

    I hope I am just missing something here. I have tried a variety of cds in my 2012 Equus and while they play, their titles and song titles are not being identified. These same cds are read correctly by another car and a computer, just not the Equus. I pressed load and waited until it said...
  13. DVD/CD Player question

    I know that when my car is in park I can play and watch DVDs on the screen. However once I'm driving, I can only hear audio and its says video is not available while driving. Does anyone know if and how I can bypass or override this? Thanks
  14. timc1475

    Lexicon Blue Ray Player?

    Remember when DVD phased out the VHS? We all know that Blue Ray (BD Disks), are phasing out the standard DVD's. And the Blue Ray Players have come down in price to the point no one will be buying the regular DVD players. BD players have backward compatibility with standard DVD's. Most all...
  15. Ceiling Mounted, Flip Down DVD Player ?

    I did a quick search on this topic but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Has anyone installed an aftermarket, ceiling mounted, flip down DVD player in their Genesis sedan. My kids love my new car but were very disappointed there was no DVD entertainment system. Thanks in advance.
  16. Six Disk player only plays one disk

    Hi dere, :o I'm 90 days into my 11 Genesis Sedan (w/ tech package) and my 6 disk DVD changer will only play 1 disk unless I manually change the disk. The maintenance people think this might be the way it should be. I don't. Anyone one out there got any ideas. Thanks for any help. :)
  17. mp3 player not an ipod

    I have a new MP3 player for audiobooks. All I want to do is play the audiobooks downloaded to my Sandisk through my 2009 Genesis. Dealer only has an adaptor for an IPOD. Is there any item - Hyundai or not- that I can use to have display of the MP3 player on my screen? V. frustrating for non-...
  18. BocaDave


    I store my favorite music and talking books on the hard file of my PC at home. I have no problem creating a CD in MP3 Format with many hundreds of songs on them, and getting it to work on my cars DVD player. The problem arises when I tried to do the same thing using a DVD, instead of a CD...
  19. mp3 player and usb port

    recently tried to join my mp3 player to usb port, car's system would see for a minute then self disconnect, says no external connection. player will work through other port but will not list songs like usb. tried usb stick same result. have 2010 3.8 with tech package any suggestions?
  20. Cd player quality

    Anyone else experiencing the issue I have? My Lexicon plays my DVD Audio well, and the sound from my Ipod is wonderful. However, CD's sound horrible !!