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  1. Post your tips & tricks on how to make Nav system work

    I've had my 3.8 for almost one month, and in that time have not been able to get my nav system to work. I've tried voice commands and typing in addresses to no avail. When I try typing in an address, before I finish, it gives message not found. This happens each time I've tried it - it doesn't...
  2. OneFunGenesis

    2015 Kia K900 VIP Full Review (Long Post)

    Happy new year fellow Genesis enthusiasts! I will be giving a full review here of the Kia K900 Luxury with VIP package. I will let you know that I am not going anywhere! I will stay here and continue to be a part of this forum, I love you guys. So this review is for a 2015 Kia K900 Luxury with...
  3. Interested in lease/buying a genesis, are we allowed to post best prices?

    Hi, new to the forum, thought it was worth the time to register and post! Are we allowed to post the best lease money factor/residuals or best price to own we have received? I am in the market and trying to find a great deal? Suggestions? Thanks Jack
  4. v6 rwd mpg's !! post em up!

    what are you guys getting on fill up ? the read out on the car seems pretty accurate, maybe off by +1 or -1 but overall pretty accurate. What are you guys getting ? this is only for RWD 3.8, Not AWD 3.8, I already know AWD is as bad a 8 cylinder so don't bother posting it! :)
  5. Blog Post on the Genesis

    The media company that did the photography on my car made a great blog entry on the Genesis. Check it out! Click here
  6. 1st post - question about ACC sensor

    Just traded my Lexus IS350 yesterday for a 3.8 Genesis sedan with ultimate package. I noticed that the adaptive cruise control sensor has something that resembles adhesive on it. Upon closer inspection I noticed that it didn't appear to rub off. I asked the dealer and they said they were all...
  7. New to the forum thought Id post a few pics.

    My 2013 R-Spec when I first got her. Looks like someone parked her on the driving range for a few days.
  8. how to post pixs

    Can anybodytell me how to post picture's or photos. I don't do facebood,or in stag ram Or anything like that . Any help appreciated.
  9. Tpr5.0

    Post up odometer reading and any vehicle service/issues

    5,790 miles and one oil change. Looking forward to changing the winter tires for summer tires.
  10. Figured it's time to post :)

    As I now own 2 Genesis :) What a great forum, I have been having fun reading through the threads the past couple of days. Looking forward to participating. Owner of 2012 3.8 2015 5.0
  11. Tpr5.0

    Hyundai Genesis: post up your compliments/stares/double takes thread

    The second day of ownership, I had my gf and her daughter with me. We were on the highway driving to dinner and were about a mile from the exit ramp. After moving into the right lane, I looked in the rear view mirror and observed a black vehicle change lanes and was approaching quickly. The...
  12. First Post.. Tomorrow I Become a 2.0T Owner

    Hello to Everyone. Wife and I were blown away by our test drive in a 2013 2.0t with only 5,200 miles. So, wanting a car that was truly fun to drive, and who knows maybe at this "older" age we will learn to use the paddle shifters, we just did it. Will pick up our car tomorrow and have already...
  13. Heartlander

    Long time lurker, first time post

    :D Hey everyone, welcome from the middle of the Heartland by a proud new owner of a 2015 Parisian Gray/Ivory Genny 3.8 Ultimate!! Before my purchase, I did a pantload of research using multiple sources but this site was by far the most helpful and informative based on the observations and...
  14. post your 0-60 times for the 5.0

    Just curios, but I'm sure the 5.0 and the rspec are extremely close if not the same, so both are fine. I always see 4.8 on this site, but never see those numbers with edmonds or other car critiquers. I guess to achieve 4.8, the conditions and all variables with the car must be next to perfect -...
  15. Post pics of your ride :)

    Lets see those pics everyone! :)
  16. Gunkk

    Post your 2015 Genesis Questions Here

    I'll start with my quesitons... 1. Does a Samsung GS4, GS5, and Iphone fit inside the USB/AUX slot in the center console with the door closed and plugged in to the USB power jack? 2. Does the 2015 Genny suffer from the same bluetooth connectivity issues with Samsung phones as the 09-14's? 3...
  17. 1st post! New R-Spec owner

    Hello to all! I've been lurking while my lease was ending on 2011 Lexus GS350. Just purchased 2013 R-Spec!! I've had car for two weeks and I'm very happy I got away from Lexus. (Great car, but they got too pricey and too ugly for my taste.) Never been happier w/ a new vehicle than I am w/ the...
  18. Last post

    Last post, hopefully: April, I am praying that I can last that long. The leasing co. takes over my Genesis 2010. God bless the next owner. Latest: the battery already failed and they overcharged (no pun) me for a new one. Now, the key fobs will no longer start the car. New battery in the...
  19. Cato

    First Post Looking at 2012 Genesis 5.0

    My wife and I live is west central Georgia, we are both 46 years old and have two children in college. My wifes Tahoe let her down Friday morning and with 350,400 miles on the odometer she does not feel it will continue to be dependable. I had the Tahoe towed to the local Chevy/Hyundai dealer...
  20. OneFunGenesis

    My Voice Command Woes *Long Post*

    I thought it would never happen to me. The dreaded "Please Wait" command that we all know about when using voice command. Well, it happened to me. Froze my system. Locked me out of my musical bliss. I try pulling the main fuse, only to have the voice commands completely crap out. So, I take the...
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