1. New 2.0 owner. Ready to start making big power

    What's up guys, I got a 2011 2.0t, I have already done a few mods (HKS waste gate and BOV, cat back exhaust, some hard piping, catch can on the way in the mail, no tune yet) I'm wanting to start big mods, I would like to get to 350-400. I have read a couple threads of guys making 400 on stock...
  2. Power trunk no longer works.

    I did some work on my '15 3.8 Ultimate that required unhooking the battery in the trunk. Of course, the trunk lid was up to give me access to unhook the battery ground terminal. After re-hooking the battery, everything but the power trunk works as before. I currently have no power trunk function...
  3. power outlet in rear

    i don't know why on a 50 thousand dollar car they wouldn't not put a power outlet in the rear
  4. Is This Normal? USB Port Has No Power or Connectivity

    I've had my '15 for about a month now. Overall, I like it very much but there's one thing that's been quite puzzling. First, when I plug a thumb drive with MP3 music files into the center console USB port (between the two 12V power outlets), the audio system doesn't recognize it. I've...
  5. New car, now more power?

    Hey guys, just purchased a 2010 genesis 2.0 r spec. So far I love it. Just a general opinion question for everyone. If it's you what would be the best and most money only efficient to boost hp.
  6. Power to Dashcam G2

    I know some of you have dash cams in their Genesis. How did you get power to them? Thanks PaulM
  7. Power side mirrors dont point down

    They use too...but i drained my battery. Since then when I go in reverse they dont point down...something got reset? They still fold in.
  8. Second Generation Audio system power draw

    How long can I use audio system ie. Radio without engine running. Display warns not to use with engine off. How great is audio system draw on battery?
  9. Horse Power

    With changes in the exhaust and air filters what kind of horsepower can we increase our cars to ?
  10. Drivers Power Seat

    Wife was driving the car, she's five foot nothing, when she got out, the seat didn't move back. She hit the #1 seat memory button for me, nothing happens. The seat won't move back but it will move forward. My knees are tight to the dash, I have to drive it to the dealer, 3/4 hour away to have...
  11. Enjuku Racing - Agency Power brakeline kit

    IN STOCK! Agency Power brake lines Agency Power brakeline kits are made in the USA to meet strict D.O.T. certifications. The steel braided lines are a smoke color with the AP logo printed on it. The CNC machined fittings are in classic Agency Power red to separate you from the...
  12. Power driver seat not working in 2011

    neither seat controls nor the memory buttons work. Just a beep from the memory buttons. Is there some reset procedure? Is this covered under 5 yr 60k warranty? I tried to search the threads but must not have done it correctly as no hits..
  13. Second Generation SiriusXM losing subscription when the power is off

    SiriusXM is losing subscription when I turn the car off. I've had my 3.8 ultimate for about 7 months with no issues. The other day I got in and started it and the Sirius XM channels said no subscription. I called Sirius and they said everything on the account was good and they sent a refresh...
  14. sabre3

    2015 Hyundai Genesis J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Survey

    I just received an email to take part in this survey. Anyone else receive it? Should I do it?
  15. Entertainment System Power Off

    Is there a way to program the radio, etc. to power off when the engine is turned off as opposed to opening the door?
  16. Cigarette Power Outlet Shortages

    I have a 2015 Genesis Tech. Quite shocked at the small number of cigarette lighter ports in the car (for power). Has anyone run an extension to the back seat, or from the trunk forward? Just curious as I'm looking to add a few ports to the back seat for the kids DVD Player (6 month old).
  17. Question on Power Off Settings on 13' Tech.

    I'm not a fan of the "Flying H" image that shows while the Nav/Stereo boots up, so I did some digging in the AVN System manual. In the INFO/Setup section, Systems Settings section, there is a Power off Settings input. The Default image is the flying H, but you can change it by selecting an...
  18. Millisecond power loss

    I was going 75-80 mph on the south Florida turnpike yesterday and all of a sudden, the speedometer dropped and a couple of dashboard lights flickered for a millisecond and then the car went back to normal and the rest of the ride was fine. Just wondering if any of you have witnessed anything...
  19. Power stop carbon fiber/ceramic pads?

    Anyone tried them yet? They were recently advertised on Rockautos site, probably available elsewhere too (I've got nothing to do with them.) Pads are listed as carbon fiber/ceramic composite as Z23 package. Also available are what's called matched slotted/drilled rotors. I think my 2011 4.6 w...
  20. Replacing master Power Window Switch Question - 2010 Genesis

    Does anyone know if the driver's side door panel needs to be removed to replace the master power window switch? I can't seem to find anything about how to replace this part. My driver's side window power switch is acting up where all window buttons are stuck sometimes and are working...
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