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  1. Ron5.0

    Genesis Prada Interior / R2C intake / KDM Airbag

    Hello guys, Been a while since last visit. I know last time I was on here I showed the custom front lip I made for the car, the air suspension, wheels and tints. Now this past weekend I just finished my interior and installed the intake. Redid the headliner and pillars in black and had...
  2. First Generation Prada Headlights - only Premium Package (no AFLS)

    I have a 2013 with only the Premium package and have sourced the Prada headlights. Is it possible to get the functionality that changes the lights at highway speeds to work on this car? Or should I just be happy I don't have that ugly yellow light?
  3. Shopping for Prada Headlights

    Hello all, I'm trying to buy a set of Prada LED headlights for my genesis sedan, but noticed the prices on ebay are ~$2800. I remember reading from old thread that some member was able to get a set from koreanautoimports for ~$1500. I would order from koreanautoimports, but we all know that...
  4. Prada headlights

    So I was on Korean auto imports and came across these prada headlights for my 2011 4.6 and they are beautiful!!! I was wondering if they're compatible tho. I mean in order for me to have seen them I had to click "Genesis 2009-2011" for them to even pop up so they should be right? They're DRL so...
  5. BStarr119

    Korean website I found that explains the LED Prada Headlamp install

    Here is the link: http://www.bmmotors.co.kr/community2/112674 http://www.redtune.co.kr/?mid=info&document_srl=25494 been thinking about doing this for a while, looks like if you have the AFLS HID headlamps you have to move on pin on the headlamp plug. Also there is info on the 2015 soft...
  6. Prada grille?

    Im looking for a new grille. This is a difficult decsion. I like the prada grille but i found one on ebay with only one picture. The user has no info and no other pics. It seems as if their is a camera hole in it? Is this true? I like the oem grille but would rather the grey painted black...
  7. ShadowZ

    Group Buy: Genesis Prada engine covers.

    Fellow owners, This thread is intended for only those interested in purchasing an appearance package for the Genesis sedan. PLEASE ONLY REPLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND VOTE AS I NEED AN ACCURATE COUNT FOR THESE ORDERS The Prada Edition Genesis has rear engine covers not normally equipped...
  8. xiaphin

    Genesis Prada featured on Canibeat

    Doubt many users here venture over to Canibeat but you should. There is a feature on a Prada converted R-Spec on air. http://www.canibeat.com/2014/01/gucci-louis-prada-james-churchswitched-genesis-sedan/ Beleive he is active over at VIPStylecars.com Only thing missing is the KDM airbag unit and...
  9. Genesis prada emblem!!! Help !!

    Hiii all, i got my prada emblems from ebay, but dont know how to install them on the sides of car, any one knows where exactly the should fit?! Instructions any one know!!!
  10. Ruissimo

    Genesis Prada? I raise you an Equus Hermes!

    Okay... I'm not gonna say I wouldn't take one if they gave it to me, but this is just a little (a lot) over-the-top for me. But someone might enjoy it, so here you go: LINK TO ARTICLE: http://www.rpm9.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=16943 French fashion brand Hermes directly...
  11. DominicJE

    Just ordered the Prada Lights!

    I'm so excited to get these installed, I had a coupon with KAI which knocked off about 200 dollars off the final price. Now I just have to wait for them to arrive and I will have them installed. Here's what they look like for people who don't know:
  12. Genesis Prada Engine Bay

    The Lexus LS has long been a car I've admired for its attention to detail and finish. Specifically, in latter years, the engine bay has been a thing of beauty in my opinion. Open the hood and see nothing but a sea a clean, well-fitted, black plastic. When read it certainly doesn't sound so...
  13. Selling genesis prada headlights

    My understanding is that these will not work with the U.S. active headlights on the 4.6 and r-spec tech packages. They may light up but the active turning is lost.
  14. PRADA headlight

    Selling a set of used genesis sedan PRADA edition headlight like new 100% working condition . Serious buyer only. Cash only, come with a friend or with ur sedan so u can test it out if working or not. Just plug it in to find out. Reason I'm selling I have a traded in for another car . I'm...
  15. Prada Navigation question

    Hey everyone. I just purchased a 2012 Genesis 3.8 with tech and premium. Upon startup the nav screen says "Genesis Prada". Have any of you ever heard of such a thing? I've read up on the Prada version of the Genny but never heard of anything translating over to North America. Thanks.
  16. Genesis Sedan Prada Edition HID LED DRL Headlights

    hi please i need ur help where can i find this headlight ? i am from saudi arabia please if u know any website or any way please direct me thank u
  17. Genesis Prada edition

    Never knew it existed. They made 1200 and Im not sure if any made to the states.
  18. Wanted ; Genesis Prada part numbers

    I'm searching for Genesis Prada Headlight part number and the part number for the front grill thank you :)
  19. interchange to 2012 prada grill

    2011 genesis change to 2012 headlight, taillight, front grill. not so bad:D
  20. light for prada on ebay or us

    i need light for prada on ebay or us Please Please Please like this :