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  1. New Prototype Hyundai's spotted in SoCal

    One of my friends from a car club I'm in was driving up the grapevine and spotted some new Hyundai's. One was a Sonata that said "Caution Prototype Vehicle" the other appears to be a redesigned Equus I'm thinking? I also just friended a friend of his who works in design and engineering at...
  2. Aquineas

    2015 Genesis Prototype Previews

    http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/driven/1311_2015_hyundai_genesis_sedan_review/ http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/1311_2015_hyundai_genesis_first_drive/ http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2015-hyundai-genesis-sedan-prototype-drive-review...
  3. staz

    Genesis Prototype, would of been a flop!

    Intresting article from Edmunds insideline from 2010, which I have never seen before, and i've seen em' all! More intrestingly...take a look at the Genesis prototype that was re-modeled (thank god), Hyundai almost made the biggest flop in Automotive history with this design if they would of...
  4. Video of my prototype Magnaflow exhaust set up!!!!!!

    I went to Magnaflow to pick up my car today. Gabe already posted the video of my prototype exhaust up on Magnaflow website. Hopefully these will be available to the public soon. I love my exhaust. THANKS GABE AND MAGNAFLOW...
  5. VLDragon

    Hood from the prototype

    Does anyone know if anyone sells a hood that is similar to that of the one on the prototype coupe? I'd love to get that thing if its available.
  6. Short shifter - Kartboy prototype

    No driveline area yet so I think for now this is the best place for this. We're working with Tom@Kartboy on a lever for the GC. We got the first prototype yesterday, which is a reworked stock unit. We're doing that to figure out throw length, and height. First up to figure out is the throw...
  7. TiC prototype rear bar

    It's been a busy morning here at TiC with the Genesis Coupe. After we installed the prototype Kartboy lever, we went on to install the prototype TiC rear anti-roll bar. I took a few pics along the way to share what we're doing. First off the ends. We did it this way to set up the length we...
  8. prototype knob arrived today

    Didn't see an interior forum so I thought I'd post this here. Here's a few pics: Diameter is 2.25", and it's a good bit on the heavy side. Black portion is acetyl copolymer, and the brass bit is a slug that goes all the way up inside for weight.
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