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  1. 2010 Rim/TPMS sensor question :)

    Hey guys I am looking at a set of summer wheels. I need to find some TPMS sensors, Hyundai wants a crazy amount for the ones from them. So I am looking for options. I have a 2010 v8. So I am going with stock size 18'' rims. Although they are 18X8'' is this going to cause any issues, Stock is...
  2. Serpentine belt question

    I have a question about the serpentine belt on my 2016 Genesis Sedan 3.8 base. On my car, the belt has grooves on both sides. That is correct it has grooves on the inside and the outside. Could someone with a 2016 check their belt and see if it is the same? Also look at the tensioner pulley and...
  3. Transmission Oil Question - 2011 Equus Signature

    Hello everyone, I’ve been looking closely at my owner’s manual to see when the transmission oil should be exchanged on the Equus, I own a 2011 Signature model. According to the manual it’s every 100,000 miles yet my service advisor at Hyundai said the transmission has lifetime fluid. Lifetime...
  4. Silly Magnet Question

    Just got a 2015 Genesis - have a magnet that I wanted to stick to the back of the car - but no luck - won't stick to any area - hmmm -any suggestions?
  5. tmf2004

    Forum Question

    How do i disable email notifications? I get like 20 emails on Sunday evening.. i thought i disable it last week under "Edit Options" but they all came through tonight... thanks
  6. Question Regarding Dealer Installed Wings on 2016 Genesis

    I am going to purchase a 2016 3.8 v6 AD ultimate and I'm in the final stages of negotiation and I asked the salesman to "throw in" the wings on the back and I was surprised that he said that dealers are not authorized/supposed to do the installation so he could not "throw them in free" but could...
  7. 2012 4.6 V8 A/C question

    When I start car, A/C doesn't even try to cool unless I hit the fuel pedal and never really gets cold at all until I start driving. Is this normal? Also when on "auto' the fan speed varies itself depending on acceleration/stop etc. Just bought this before xmas 2015. Thx in advance for any advice!
  8. tmf2004

    junk mail question

    Ok, so i've had the car for almost 3 weeks now i'm guessing and already the mail scam has caught up to me lol.. Anyone else getting mail that your factory warranty is about to expire? I've gotten two pieces of amil recently about this.. I'm guess they are third party companies wwanting your...
  9. Question about the 2010 Genesis

    I'm more than likely going to be buying a 2010 3.8 v6 in a few weeks and had a few questions for anyone who either has one or knows. The car has bluetooth but does it work for music as well, my friend bought a Scion tc that has bluetooth but it only worked for syncing with his phone? Does it...
  10. WBW_ATL

    Newbie Question : Leasing Gen with "Subprime" Credit

    Did anybody get in their Genesis lease agreements with a credit score below 720 ??? Trading my Sonata in for a Gen lease soon (due to shitty depreciation) && was wondering if anybody has had any issues Or what the numbers may look like. Would it be worth the month wait to try to jump up another...
  11. Second Generation Nav display question

    A question for the more tech oriented owners; Is it better for longer nav system life to drive with the nav display off when not in use or does it matter? Thanks!
  12. tmf2004

    Forum question

    Any chance of making separate sub forums for the 1st and 2nd GEN models? Meaning Appearance and modification section for each model? I posted something not to long ago and someone said it was the 1st gen section.. seems to be confusing
  13. Question About 2016 Heads Up Display

    Can the heads up display be turned off while driving, or is it on all the time? Thanks for any input.
  14. LLoyds mats question

    I noticed when looking at floor mats for the car, if you choose 2015 Genesis Sedan, they give you 2 options for the fronts: Passenger Mat Fastener 10 7/8 in. center to center and 12 3/4 in. center to center .. I can measure later, but just wondered if anyone knew which one is correct (did...
  15. OEM Rims weight question

    Hi All Anyone knows what is the weight figure for our 19 inch rims? Is it true lighter rims will improve both performance and gas mileage? There are many rims out there in the range of 22-25 lb/rim. Thanks
  16. Light bulb question

    Need help finding courtesy bulbs and footwell area bulbs. I am looking for pure white color. I know most have purchased from amazon or ebay, could you link me to those that you would recommend? Post pictures if you have any. Thanks
  17. 1157 T/S question

    Hey, guys I just recently bought a '10 sedan and I could of swear the 1157 bulbs came on with the running lights so I bought a pair of switchbacks and proceeded to install. I did the driver side ( while installing it ,ignition off, i could hear clicks in the engine bay) after i plug it in it...
  18. Equus hazard flasher question

    The red hazard flasher indication lamp located on the dash always illuminates when the lights are turned on. Is this normal? It's brightness is distracting. Thanks - Walt
  19. Wheel question

    Had to get a wheel balanced and the guy told me he couldn't do anything cause the wheel was slightly bent. only could be seen on the high speed balance machine. What would be my options so far the wheels and tires have been nothing but a problem.
  20. iPhone 6 Contact Group Newbie Question

    My car paired fine with my phone book (iPhone 6) BUT it took ALL my contacts including hundreds I do not need in the car. I have now made a new contact group called Genesis and put only the numbers in there that I want in the car (Genesis 2015 with NAV). Can someone please advise how I would go...