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  1. [Please help] Top trailing arm spindle bushing 2009 4.6

    Dose anyone know where I can get a top trailing arm spindle bushing for my 2009 Hyundai genesis 4.6 its shot and I cant seem to find the right bushing to replace it, I thought it was the same as the lower bushing : Hyundai Part No.: 55130-4D000 PILLOW BALL BUSHING But it's not and I cant seem...
  2. hokie1525

    rear seat belts

    Is there a way to pull the seat belt clip out of the rear seat cushion a few inches? My son uses a booster and has a hard time getting the belt into it's clip since it is recessed into the seat cushion somewhat (at least more than other cars I've had).
  3. Widest rear WHEEL fitment

    I apologize if this has been answered in the past, but I only did a fairly quick search. I am not asking what the widest tire I can fit on a stock wheel, I'm not talking about rolling fenders or stretching tires. I'm not talking about poking out the side of the car, or any of that silly stuff...
  4. power outlet in rear

    i don't know why on a 50 thousand dollar car they wouldn't not put a power outlet in the rear
  5. Rear Seat Armrest Stuck in up position!

    Hi everyone, Just purchased a 2015 CPO 5.0 Ultimate Genesis in Montecito Blue. It's the nicest car I've owned! This is my first post btw... I bought the car last Saturday and the center armrest that folds down in the back seat is stuck. When I pull the handle, it feels loose like it's not...
  6. Rear brake upgrade

    I'm getting my brake calipers powder coated but the look of the rear brakes on the 2015+ sedan is bugging me. This is a completely cosmetic upgrade, but if performance increases, all the better. I'm thinking to powder coat them a similar "burnt gold" color that nissan used on the GTR and...
  7. Rear seat video or Ipad mounts?

    Hello, Just bought a new Genesis V8 and I am looking for options to do a OEM quality Rear Seat Entertainment setup. The ideal solution would be a powered iPad mount that looks seamless much like Volvo, BWM, Audi, MB are offering. Like this: Or if I cant find an iPad mount, then some form...
  8. Rear End Whining

    Rear End Whining or Roaring Sound 2012 to 2016 Genesis Sedans My 2012 has a rear whining sound when I let off the accelerator form about 46 mph down to 35 mph. I'm curious does anybody else have this problem. Most owners don't realize this because they listen to the radio or talking on the...
  9. Rear spoiler on a 1G Genesis

    I notice from the pictures many have put installed a rear trunk spoiler on their Genesis sedans. They look great and I have a few questions about getting and installing one. 1. Where did you order or buy yours from, and which sellers of this product do you recommend? 2. I notice some are made...
  10. 2016 Rear Deck Emblem

    Where an I get the right rear deck Wing emblem for a 2016 3.8? Thought I saw on forum could get them for about $20 or so. Need the link if anyone has it. Want to make sure I have the right one for a 2016 REAR deck
  11. Amiddy

    Rear Main Seal Oil Leak

    Took my 2010 4.6 in today for an oil change. Returned to pick it up and got told that I have a small leak from the rear main seal. Cost given was $400+ to repair as it requires taking out the tranny. 1.) Do any of these "rear main seal" sealer solutions that you mix in with oil work? 2.) How...
  12. stumpie

    1G Rear Cabin Dome/Room Light Assy Part #s

    I am in need of a rear cabin room light assembly due to fading/dead LED's. I have found a part on eBay that looks identical and is ~$110. The link is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lamp-Assy-Room-928703M000TX-For-Genesis-/231429336753?hash=item35e2436eb1:g:QiMAAOSwofxUmCOM&vxp=mtr Part No...
  13. tmf2004

    Second Generation Rear section exhaust?

    Has anyone else besides Huddleson modified the exhaust? i was thinking of maybe Magnaflow mufflers with dual exits like the stock mufflers.
  14. Rear seat warmers not working

    I am a new Canadian purchaser of a 2015 5.0 Ultimate. My wife observed that neither of the rear seat warmers is working. Before I take it in to the dealer, is there a menu option to enable/disable the rear seat warmers that I may have missed?
  15. Rear windows stopped working

    So I'm driving into work today and my rear passenger window rolls down - right next to my 2-year old son's car seat. I attempted to roll it back up, but to no avail. I then stopped at work, took a look at the fuses in the manual and went out to my car. The rear window has rolled up about 5...
  16. Rear roof spoiler for 13 hyundai genesis sedan

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for an reputable on-line vendor to purchase a rear spoiler for a 2013 Genesis sedan. Specifically the spoiler that attaches to the top of the rear glass window (not the truck mount spoiler). Also, if anyone can recommend a local dealer in the Atlanta, GA...
  17. WHYTE5OH

    Rear Spoiler?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Real-Painted-Rear-Trunk-Lip-Glass-Spoiler-for-Hyundai-Genesis-Sedan-2015-2016-/321991720039?hash=item4af833bc67:g:LtUAAOSwqYBWpbAb&vxp=mtr I was curious has anyone installed this rear spoiler yet?
  18. Push button on door handle not working and rear led lights out

    The little black button that let me unlock the door without using the key (proximity) stopped working. Ideas? Also..rear seat LED lights are done for. Looks like a dealer repair?
  19. nickpike

    Cleaning the inside of the rear window.

    Hi, I don't want to damage the heating elements on the glass, so what's a good way to clean the inside of the rear windscreen? I thought a paper towel laced with hand wash soap, remove the soap with a wet cloth and then dry gently with a wet chamois leather.
  20. Second Generation FS: Used weather tech rear and front all weather mats in black!

    They are in very good conditons, including the rear and front carpeted floor mats which are in excellent conditons since I never use them. Able to pick them up around East Elmhurst, only $100 all. Thanks . I am seling them because I don't have the car anymore. I am a new happy 2016Equus owner...