1. FOR SALE: Red Genesis for sale

    I have a 2013 Red Genesis 3.8GT R-Spec for sale. female driven-non smoker 76km located in Toronto Ontario selling for 19k. red exterior - beige interior- limo tints all around including front windshield tint. always dealer maintained- warranty valid for 5 years /100kms please inquire and pass...
  2. R.I.P. Red Sonja

    Last Monday I was rear ended on my way to work. I just received the news yesterday that she was to be totaled. I can't say that the colors were my favorite, but I really REALLY liked my car. But the good news is I catch a plane tomorrow morning to pick up my new ride; a CPO 2014 5.0 R-Spec. In...
  3. Navigation and using POI's for Red Light and Speed Cameras

    I'm new to the forum, so I apologize ifhis has been discussed, please link me to thread... My prior car I mapped all red light and speed cameras into my nav system so the system would beep everytime I came close to a camera location, can his be done with the nav system on the gen coupe and its...
  4. Red Hoagland Hyundai

    This dealership in Winter Haven Florida is top notch. I have brought several cars there and have had a great experience. They have handled the service of my 2011 Genesis Premium, 2013 Veloster Tech, 2014 Elantra Limited, and 2015 Genesis Tech. Sales are handled in a very professional manner...
  5. What is blinking red light in middle of dash

    I park my 2015 Genesis in my garage. At night, when parked in the dark garage, I notice a blinking red LED light in the middle of the top of the dash near the windshield. What is this light? Part of some security system? (I don't lock the doors of the car when it is parked in my garage).
  6. Quest for an honest dealer (and a Pamploma Red 3.8 Ultimate ...)

    Honestly, forget worrying about "price to be paid;" I'm having enough trouble trying to FIND one!!! If I have my druthers I think I'd like a Pamploma red, 3.8 ultimate, but before I commit I want to SEE the colors, the Pamplona red and the two possible interiors as I really am worried about...
  7. bigmike58

    2015 3.8 Sedan - in Red- What an amazing car!

    Hey All, Just a quick story on how we came to purchase this car. My wife was heading home on the freeway in her 2011 Sonata hybrid with 30k miles, when out of the blue every warning light came on and the car lost power and shut off- no warning. She had it towed to the dealer. I cant' help her...
  8. Pamplona Red just arrived!

    Hello All, I just wanted to present what the 2015 Genesis in Pamplona Red looks like. We just received it in a base model 3.8L.
  9. jstkrsn

    Different Cabernet Red Pearl Paints

    My car is a 2012 with the Cabernet Red Pearl. I got tapped from behind and it scratched the bumper. The collision company put a new cover and repainted it. The color doesn't match at all. They are going to repaint it next week. The painter said there were a couple different paint variations for...
  10. kidjoe86

    FS: 2013 Genesis Coupe seats full set Red leather w/ mesh

    Hows it going guy and gals, I am selling my seats which includes both front and rear seats, out of my 2013 coupe. I am getting custom seats made for my car and have no need for these anymore. They are red in color and are a leather w/mesh combo. I'm asking $400 obo for the complete set. local...
  11. zielritter

    Tail Light Red Out

    I have some red tail light film left over from where I "redded" out the tail lights on my black Elantra. It looked really nice on it mainly because of how ugly the horizontal clear strip in the middle of the light was. Anyone tried on the Genesis? I'm going to do some photo-shopping to...
  12. Phatdhad

    April 27th genesis club meet in Red Deer, Alberta

    Show & Shine, Pizza, Pool, and a cruise to Sylvan Lake!! A good way to spend the day Location: Altitude Adjustments #4 - 7659 Edgar Industrial Drive, Red Deer, Alberta 9AM Link to the facebook event page
  13. Cut-Throat

    2013 offers R-Spec with Cabernet Red and Black Interior....

    I wonder if anyone here has a 2013 Cabernet Red R-Spec with a Black interior? I saw this option offered in 2011 for the 4.6, but the dealer told me that I probably could not get one. It is kind of strange that if you select the 3.8 2013 Genesis (on the Hyundai Site for Build a Genesis) that the...
  14. Red caution light

    While driving today, suddenly a caution light lit up on the lower part of the dash, for about 3-5 seconds. I was not going fast and the road was wet after a rain, and this red alert lit up. Does anyone happen to know what caused this to happen and what it was for ?
  15. FOR SALE: OMG Red R Spec Caliper Covers

    Still in box, never mounted, $175. including 2 day Fed Ex.
  16. OMG R Spec Red Caliper Covers For Sale

    Set of new red OMG caliper covers for a R-Spec. No lettering, just the rivets. Still in box, never installed. $200. with two day Fed Ex shipping included. Thanks
  17. AutoCityImports Duc Lip Spoiler (already painted *red*)

    Selling my AutoCityImports Duc Lip, I had a previous post made for this item but had some personal problems to get straightened out and was MIA from the whole site and life haha. I would like to sincerely apologize to those you responded to that previous post for my lack of response. Reason...
  18. F/S Painted (Tsukuba Red) Trunk Lip Spoiler

    Selling my painted trunk lip spoiler. Never installed, brand new, just got it yesterday. (Thursday, May 26, 2011) Asking 200 shipped! Text first: 951-565-0334
  19. lexani lx-20 red stripe or no?

    just bought a set of 20" lexani lx-20. they are being installed tuesday. they are also painting my break calipers because they are very faded for some reason. im still debating if i should have them paint the stripe around it red or leave it silver. if i leave it silver, i will paint my brakes...
  20. For anyone with a red Genesis

    As I get closer to a decision, I'm starting to consider color options. I really like the way the car looks in black, but I know that it'll be tough to keep clean. I've also seen the sedan in sapphire blue: it looked great, but was almost as dark as the black one. I like the way the Genesis...
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