1. Second Generation 2015 5.0 Tire Question

    I have a 2015 with the 5.0 and love it! But I need to replace the tires after only 16,000 miles. I want to go with the Michelin Pilots, but noticed they are different sizes in the front and back. When I called one shop, they recommended making all the tires to same. I assume I can do this, but...
  2. New side mirror not properly controlled by memory setting

    Hello Fellow Genesis Owners, I have a 2011 Genesis 4.6, and I just had the passenger side mirror assembly replaced. After I received the car back from the mechanic, I noticed that the memory positions 1 and 2 do not seem to store or properly control the new mirror. Here is what happens...
  3. windshield replacement

    Has anyone had to replace the windshield on this car? I had a rock crack mine and it seems like it's going to be an ordeal. The dealer has to special order it then a windshield company has to come to the dealer to replace it and then the dealer has to recalibrate all the sensors. I'm worried...
  4. Coil Spring Replacement?

    Hi All, I went in to my local trusted garage today (not the dealership) for an alignment, and received a phone call shortly after dropping the car off. I was told that they couldn't do the alignment because it was discovered that my left front coil spring has damage ("a broken piece") at the...
  5. 2013 Premium Dash Replacement

    Hey folks, I'm a new member and just purchased a 2013 Genesis premium for my mom which we are picking up today. It is a great car and is in great shape. It is twilight blue pearl in colour with a cashmere interior. The only issue with the car is that the interior has a light coloured wood...
  6. jsmit86

    G2 2015 Radio Replacement

    I've had a few issues with my radio including a few freeze ups that required using the reset. I also have the issue that I previously reported where the HD Radio in the dash display always shows one sub channel higher than the actual radio display. i.e. Tune to 105.9 HD1, and the radio shows...
  7. Front parking/side marker bulb replacement

    Hi All Can anybody tell me how to replace the front drivers side parking light bulb on a 2009 Genny 4.6 I am unable to remove the headlight housing. Is there a hidden fastener that is not visible? Thanks
  8. Moonroof Track/Motor Replacement

    For about the past two years, my moonroof would have intermittent issues closing and opening. The problem would surface as a loud clicking as if the motor's gears were skipping and the glass was jamming. Messing with it enough would eventually get it shut, but I would usually just not mess...
  9. Aquineas

    Replacement wheels: do I need centercaps?

    Do I need to buy Genesis center caps or a) will the stock ones come off and b) will they fit? I'm thinking they should fit because of the wheel has to fit. If so, what size would I need? Would that depend on the wheel type?
  10. mth

    2G Wiper Replacement

    Thought I would share this. I ordered replacement wipers. Parts # U889-0-00016-H and U8890-00026-H ($12.74 each) They arrived and when I went to install them they would not clip all the way in. After some investigation I found the retaining clip on the axis rod of the...
  11. 2012 Transmission Replacement

    Been lurking here for a while. Purchased an off lease '12 Tech package a few months ago with 36k miles. Drove from GA to KY. The last 400 miles home the check engine light was on, car running perfectly. Get car to local dealer, transmission pressure solinoid threw the code, they replace. Pick...
  12. OEM performance muffler replacement and OEM exhaust diameter

    Hey everyone. I'm still getting a grasp on the aftermarket support for the Genesis Sedan, mainly the R-spec, since I've only had it about a week. I want to get a set of performance mufflers to give it a bit of a rumble, and I've come across a few threads highlighting the Borla Pro XS, Magnaflow...
  13. Key Fob Battery Replacement

    I tried a search on this forum for "key fob" and "Key fob battery" and got no results; so I am posing the question below. In my manual it says to pry open the key fob to replace the 2032 battery; it shows the key fob separated. However; the manual is silent on how to pry open the key fob...
  14. landtuna

    Key Fob Battery Replacement

    My fob's battery died the other day so I bought a couple new batteries and proceeded to YouTube to watch a video on the proper method to replace it. Unfortunately, I found one (by a dealer's service manager) which suggested using the key to split the case apart. DO NOT DO THAT! I managed to...
  15. 2015 Genesis 3.8 Engine air flter replacement

    2015 Genesis 3.8 - Want to replace engine air filter. Looks like I will need to remove a structural brace on the right side of the engine compartment. Has nay one done this?
  16. Wallet key battery replacement

    I ordered one of the wallet smart keys when I first got my 5.0. Recently I have been getting a low battery in key warning from the car. I changed the battery in the key fob but still get the message. I left the wallet key at home and the message stopped so now I need a new battery in the wallet...
  17. 427435

    Key fob replacement

    The DW has lost her key fob. Dealer wants $400 for new fob, key, programming and key cutting!!!! Has anyone bought one from And then had if flashed by...
  18. Tire Replacement Question

    Hey all, I'm looking at a used (not CPO) 2015 Genesis 3.8 AWD and it has a set of Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires on it. Is there a way to know if this car ever got the Michelin replacements and if not, would it still be eligible despite the fact that it doesn't currently have the Hankooks?
  19. Enjuku Racing - ISIS Performance OE Replacement turbine outlet gasket for 13+ 2.0t

    ISIS Performance OE Replacement Hyundai 5 bolt turbine outlet gasket for 2013+ Genesis Coupe 2.0T $34.99
  20. Notes on the tire replacement

    So, I did the Hankook->Michelin swap for my 2015 3.8 AWD Ultimate a few weeks back. Now that I've amassed about 1500 miles on the new rubber, I thought I'd toss my impressions into the mix. First, Hyundai's service approach and in particular its recall/replacement procedure -- clueless, tone...
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