1. cruno

    Gauge Cluster Upgrade

    I have a 2011 Equus Ultimate and am wondering if it's possible to upgrade that to the 2015 Standard or Supervision gauge clusters. From what I can see the 2011 has 2 different connectors on the back while the upgraded clusters has a single (32 pin?) connector. HEQManual has a diagram of the...
  2. Coupe Brembo Retrofit

    On the Genesis Coupe I owned, I had base brakes (Single piston fronts and rears) and it sucked. Back then I grabbed a front set of four piston calipers off of a 2009 4.6 Sedan and it was pretty much a bolt-on affair. Much improved braking. I never did the rear, as it required a new caliper and...
  3. consilius

    Genesis Power Trunk Retrofit It looks like it's possible. Anyone care to look into it?
  4. KDM console retrofit?

    In browsing around about the Prada grill and front camera retrofit, especially how the wiring is already present (And an option in the engineering menu), I came across these pieces: So obviously the parking sensor button got relocated to the center console since the front camera button took...
  5. leadfoot rspec13

    Tail light retrofit

    I've seen other members commenting that they prefer the look of the '12+ tail lights and were wondering if they could install these on older models. I am of the opposite opinion and actually like the appearance of the 1st gen lamps. I have a '13 R spec and would consider a swap for the older...
  6. Retrofit fog lights on 3.8?

    Anyone know if you can retrofit the 5.0 foglights on the 3.8?
  7. Retrofit motorized trunk in a 1st gen

    Once parts start becoming available for the 2015 (or I find a totaled '15) it will be my next project. The wiring harness appears to be there on my 2013 (pull back the trunk liner and look for orange capped plug). Switch looks the same as the Korea. 2013 motorized trunk. I realize I probably...
  8. Memory seats: Retrofit possible?

    Guys I don't have the memory function on my seats. Its inconvenient. Is there any way to retrofit a 2009 with this option?
  9. Does 2012 suspension retrofit to 2011?

    After driving my 2011 4.6 for about 6 months now, I am getting a bit tired of the rather harsh ride. I know that many people have described 2012+ getting much better. Does anyone know if the coils/struts/shocks of the newer versions can be installed on my 2011? I'm a huge Bilstein fan, but not...
  10. HID Lights Retrofit (Standard and Premium Package)

    Good Afternoon People, Has anyone installed any aftermarket HID headlight kits in their Genny’s? If so, how did it work out? Are their any issues after install? What brand is the best?? Let me know........
  11. Good HID retrofit to 2013 sedan - possible?

    Hello all - my first post on these forums. Picked up a 2013 3.8 sedan (Premium) last week and am loving it so far. I would like to upgrade the headlights (both the main and high beams) to HID. I searched the forums to see if this was possible but did not see a case where it's been done. The...
  12. 2012 and up headlight assembly [retrofit]

    Curious to know how the headlight assembly was opened up. If done in the oven, was the LED strip ruined/damaged from the heat? Any help/insight is much appreciated. Mahalo.
  13. OneFunGenesis

    Retro-fit Lane Change Assist?

    As most of y'all know here, the 2009 Genesis does not have lane change assist...why...idfk. Anywho, is it possible to retrofit lane change assist from a 2010 into a 2009? I would assume it's just a module in the stalk or column. Any insight on this one all? Thanks OneFun
  14. Brembo Track Brake Retrofit

    Hello, Is it possible and how expensive would it be to retrofit the Brembo brakes onto a Gen Coupe without that option? I searched but could not find anything. Any idea on cost? If it was done would it void any warranty? Thanks
  15. Parking sensor retrofit? 2012 Genesis

    The only option I wish I had was parking sensors. Is there a OEM vs aftermkt retrofit kit available? Has anyone done this? Thanks!
  16. Nav retrofit?

    Just curious if anyone has inquired if it's possible to retrofit Nav from 2010.5 model to 2010 coupe and if so, how much $$
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