1. Drove home my G70! 2.0 elite RWD Yayyyyyy!! :D

    After several test drives and negotiations, I finally got my gorgeous Mallorca blue Genesis G70 2.0 Automatic RWD elite last week !! Having an absolute blast of a time driving it. This is also my first owned car ever :D. My observations so far- Pros 1. Looks- I know looks are subjective, but I...
  2. 2020 Genesis G90 5.0 V8 Review - Sounds great! Loud, Bold & Luxury Sedan from Genesis.

    One of the first reviews of the refreshed Genesis G90 5.0 Tau.
  3. 2019 Genesis G80 Review

    Hello, folks This week, we had a chance to drive 2019 Genesis G80 from Korea. Genesis launched 2019 G80 on Aug. 27th, here in Korea. Let's find out what has changed and how well it drives. 2019 Genesis G80 Review
  4. G70 First Drive Review

    Edmunds Staff Writer Will Kaufman travels to New England to drive the all-new 2019 Genesis G90 on track and on the road. Genesis is aiming high with this sporty compact sedan, taking on the likes of the BMW 3 Series, the Audi A4 and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Can the G70 take on the Germans, or...
  5. G90 is $570k cheaper

    Have a look at this “review” of a RR Phantom. Look familiar? I’d rather drive the g90 and save the $$$$.
  6. haiku

    Great G80 Review in the NY Times

    A very positive review of the G80 in the NY Times on March 2 2017 (except for the lack of Android Auto and CarPlay). The actual article includes a video review -...
  7. Former owner Hyundai Genesis 3.8 sedan, 2010, mixed review

    I wanted to add a final post of my experience with owning a Hyundai Genesis 3.8 sedan, 2010, purchased new, and after 80,000 miles forced to sell. After about 6 years of driving this wonderful car, I had planned on purchasing nothing but Hyundai and KIA products in the future. The 2010 Genesis...
  8. Ark Performance Springs Review

    Finally got around to driving through the mountains of Highway 49 and damn, the car is solid! The lowered stance, paired with the 5.0 V8 under the hood makes it feel like a sport car. Almost forgot I was in a sedan. The weight was never an issue, I hardly if even noticed it. I felt confident...
  9. xiaphin

    Lamest attempt at a review of the 2016 Genesis on Yahoo

    Clicked on this link this morning and wasted my time reading what I can only call words on a page. No attempt to review the car just contained biased opinions without any facts. But then I decided to scroll through the comments which contain some entertaining comments bashing the so called...
  10. OneFunGenesis

    2015 Kia K900 VIP Full Review (Long Post)

    Happy new year fellow Genesis enthusiasts! I will be giving a full review here of the Kia K900 Luxury with VIP package. I will let you know that I am not going anywhere! I will stay here and continue to be a part of this forum, I love you guys. So this review is for a 2015 Kia K900 Luxury with...
  11. 2016 Genesis "Finest Edition" -- interior video review (TV's and reclining rear)

    2016 Genesis "Finest Edition" -- interior video review (TV's and reclining rear) So, I thought I'd upload some basic video I made of the interior of my new car. It's the fully-loaded version of the Hyundai 3.8L AWD "Finest Edition" available in South Korea, pre-mod. (In Korea, there...
  12. Nikgen

    Genesis EQ900/G90 Review

    In Korean, unfortunately for us - but we can still look at the pictures :)
  13. Genesis Review from Vehicle Virgins

    I personally am not a big fan of most of his videos but at least it made the channel!
  14. MUST view video review for current/perspective Genesis V6 & V8!!

    I have watched many reviews for the 2015 Genesis V6 & V8's. This video has got to be the most informative and thorough review. Reviewer in video goes through details of the Genesis' "undercar cover removal", V6 vs. V8 drivetrain, seats, infotainment, etc. A MUST watch...
  15. GSU's Spring Dragon Run Photo Dump & Review

    Over Easter weekend, we completed our 5th annual Spring Run of the Dragon and we had TWO SEDANS! Tailwalker and myself finally got to meet in person and put some miles on our cars driving some of the best roads the southeast has to offer. On Thursday I drove the Cherohala Skyway, the Dragon...
  16. BC Racing Coil Overs for V8 sedan Review

    I've been working with BC Racing on developing a coil over kit for the first generation V8 sedan for a little over a month. I have made a few trips to the BC Racing facility in Orlando to install, and change spring rates and struts until we had a solid starting point. Form there I have logged...
  17. VLEDS H11/H8 VX3 Review

    I got these two bulbs along with the H7 for the high beam. Before I go any further the H7 bulbs will not work as they need an extra tab to be secure in the housing. Initially I was very pleased with the result. The H8 (850 lumens) bulb popped right with no issues. Though the dust/water cap...
  18. Wiper Review: Bosch Icon Beat Valeo Ultimate

    I bought my car in August 2012. By July 2013, the original wiper blades that came with the car were done. I read all the reviews here and on other sites, and I settled on the Valeo Ultimate blades. The Valeo blades started showing signs of streaking within a couple months. After about four...
  19. UNAVI X5 Review

    Unavi x5 review First off, I would like to thank a couple people that helped me with my decision. David Garcia, the sales rep was great, he answered all my questions and more. During business hours and heck even on Saturdays he was there to lend guidance. Another person was Ken Bollinger -...
  20. Mgrig

    2014 Equus owner review

    I purchased a new 2014 Equus Signature in February of 2014, the car is black with saddle interior. I currently have just under 14,000 miles and the car has performed flawlessly. Exterior: The car's exterior fit and finish is exceptional, the paint still has a very high gloss and surprisingly...
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