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  1. 2016 coupe ultimate edition stock wheels

    Message me if you're in need of the 2016 gen coupe ultimate edition stock rims, minor/fixable curb rash. Still great quality and life in them!!
  2. Rim Repair?

    My son (15y) learning to drive nicked the curb and scratched the edge of my rim (2015 Genesis 3.8/Sig AWD if it matters). What appears to be the clear coat has pealed/scraped away in a small area, under 1/2cm. How can I repair this? do they have clear coat pens, like paint pens?
  3. rim options looking for opinions

    looking to get my 20" wheels refinished and just looking for some input on what to do. they are currently black with machine finish. was considering going gunmetal. attached pictures of current wheels on vehicle and 2 options im thinking of for refinish.
  4. rim size question with 4-piston caliper

    I am looking to buy some snow tires/rims and was thinking about buying a cheap set of stock (used) 17" genesis rims. I saw a Genesis parked with said rims, but noticed not all Genesis' are equipped with the same front calipers. They had typical single-piston calipers. Will these rims fit over...
  5. 18" rim question

    there are tire sensors on my 2014 genesis and i was wondering if i can take them out and install it on new rims. is this possible? can the sensors fit on any 18" rim. if not, how do you know what rims the sensor can fit in?
  6. Rim

    Need one rim that fits 2012 rspec.
  7. Any wheel/rim guys out there?

    I am looking for some wheels for my Genesis Sedan. I kinda fell in lust with the Forgiato Concavo UNTIL i saw the price :eek: Does anyone know if someone make a wheel that looks like this one? Thanks. J.
  8. Blowout-- New Tire & Maybe a New Rim

    Major tire blowout and catastrophic damage. I may need a new rim too. Bummer. I hit a big rock in the highway last night that killed the tire instantly and put a small ding on the edge of the rim. The tire shop said that the opposite side, on the inside is bent slightly too. That could have...
  9. Wing badge for 19" center rim caps 2012 RSpec

    Gents, has anyone purchased the subj item? My dealers say that they don't fit right and reqiure mods. If they did fit right, who did you purchase them from? Thks and regards.
  10. What is the widest tire for 18 x 7.5 standard rim?

    I have an '09 4.6. I'd like to go wider on the tires, but keep the original 18" rims. (I think they're 18 x 7.5). Right now I have 235/50R18. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Fancy Donut Tire Rim

    Didn't realize the donut rim would be so fancy. Also found there is a "J-hook" to hold up the floor panel of the trunk while getting out the jack.
  12. Forged Rim Question

    I just bought a genesis 4.6 a couple days ago. I am already thinking ahead for the summer and would like to buy a set of 19s. I have been reading bits and pieces about bigger rims and breaks. I read that forged rims are usually lighter. My question is when I order a set of forged 19s how will...
  13. Winter rim considerations

    Looking for some winter rims for my 2010 4.6 w Tech. I live in CT. I've seen some posts in other threads about avoiding certain rims (e.g. silver machined) if the car will be exposed to salt. Can someone please explain what types of rims specifically to avoid? For instance, should I avoid...
  14. 2-HOT-2-ENVY

    Rim Vendors

    Does anyone know of any good rim vendors in Ontario, preferably GTA? I'm looking for 19"s Matte Black with a Red Lip or just Matte Black will do. New or slightly used. Thanks.
  15. Rim ideas????

    Any one got any ideas on a black rim with big polished lip? Not looking for anything chrome, but weight is not that big a deal! wanna try to stick to 19s so any help would be great Thanks!!!:D
  16. Winter Rim Packages

    Does anyone know what the smallest size winter rim / tire package that can be used on 18" Coupes
  17. Franknspeed

    Coupe rim pricing?

    Thanks to the wonderful job of the MDOT (not!) I need a new left front rim. Does anyone have access to pricing for replacement rims (18") yet? The dealer seems a bit slow or the car is too new. Not even 800mls on it and now this. I hate Michigan roads. Thx, Frank:mad:
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