1. Battery replacement choices in warmer climates

    As most of us know the warm climates are harder on automotive batteries than cold weather. Down here in florida the best warranty I can find on standard technology auto batteries to fit my 2013 Genesis sedan 3.8L (size category 49/H8) is 30 months free replacement on Interstate's best...
  2. Southern States Hyundai in Raleigh, NC

    Any thoughts/experiences with buying and service? Thanks.
  3. enVmyIX

    WTB 2012-2014 Black R-Spec Sedan Southern California

    I am in the market for a 2012-2014 Black R-Spec Sedan in Southern California. My price range is around the $30K mark. Will have cash on hand ready to buy by the 21st of September 2015. Mileage needs to be below 30,000 and I would prefer the 2013 model year, but I am open to late 2012 models...
  4. Southern California Genesis meet ?

    who's here from So Cal ? anyone down for a Genesis sedan meet up ? Koreatown would be an appropriate place for a meet IMO. Both 1st gen and 2nd gen are welcome
  5. Hello from Southern California!

    I just wanted to say hello to all the Genesis owners, fans, enthusiasts and daily drivers out there! I reside in Southern California, Riverside to be exact and work for Hyundai. I have a 2012 Genesis Sedan, it is my second one so far and love the vehicle. My wife has a 2013 Sonata and 2012...
  6. bradyb

    Southern CA Meetup/show off

    Hey all, I'd like to organize a couple meetups this summer for the coupes and sedans. I'm thinking a good place might be Mission Bay, lots of parking and a great place for family and BBQ. Qualcomm Stadium has an 1/8 track Friday nights // I think Fontana might have race nights too...
  7. New Owner Southern California

    I bought a 2011 Genesis 4.6 (black and black) back in March and although I was reading posts even before I bought the car I am just getting around to registering. I went through the same process in deciding to buy this car as probably most of you. I looked at BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, and others...
  8. Southern Tires

    Need new tires for my 2009 Genesis sedan and I live in the South so do not want snow tires. When it does snow here I drive my truck instead. What is the best set of tires? Thanks.
  9. bradyb

    Summer meets for southern CA folks

    I'm in Oceanside and interested in getting together coups and sedans for meet ups to socialize and see/compare modds. Any one interested PM me! and I'll help get things rollin......
  10. Sayantsi

    Buying a Hyundai in North Carolina - Southern States in Raleigh vs others

    I ended up buying my Genesis Sedan from Southern States Hyundai after conversations with the two other local dealerships in Raleigh North Carolina. The Sales Manager, Mike Hammer, was very easy to work with and up front with costs and prices. The salesman, Rick, was also honest about facts and...
  11. contest for those in southern cali

    We're searching for potential models for future shots. if you have a GF or a friend that wants the chance, show a non naked, non bikini wearing picture, yet a flattering pic. something like what she would where to a trendy lounge or club. those who submit by tomorrow 4 PM EST will get an...
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