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  1. Crusty Old Shellback

    From a '12 R Spec to a '15 5.0

    Well if you look in the '09-'14 forum, you can read the details of why I'm now in a '15 5.0 Impire Slate Gray Genesis. Impressions so far are a smoother ride, better handling, more comfortable seat. The bells and whistles will take me a bit to get used to them. But I think I'm going to be happy...
  2. Crusty Old Shellback

    '12 R Spec lound banging in motor.

    Hi Guys and Gals, haven't been on here in some time. Well last Friday, I took the R Spec out to run some errands. On the way home, I start getting a noise coming from the engine compartment. No warning lights on the dash and she seems to be running fine. So I drive a few more miles to the house...
  3. 12' R Spec new engine and transmission

    So, after fighting with Hyundai for months I finally got my R Spec back (build date March 12) it was leaking 1-2 quarts a week and the transmission was acting crazy. They installed a new short block engine and a new transmission. What's the break in period? How careful and for how long should...
  4. Looking for 2 R Spec Sedan 19s Rims

    Hey guys I have an R spec and have two rims with bad curb rash. I'm looking for two R spec 19 inch rims. I'm in the chicago land area. Please text me preferably or PM me here. 708-822- 1 7 28
  5. Question for those who put mufflers on there r spec

    I'm putting mufflers on my r spec tomorrow and I'm just wondering how you guys went about this. One way is to just cut off stock mufflers and weld up new ones and just have the pipe go up to the holes in the bumper. That's the way mine is done right now with a muffler delete. The other way would...
  6. 2012 R Spec Nightmare

    I am awaiting approval for a new engine. Oil consumption issues. It's been a week, haven't heard anything - supposedly the tech department is in Las Vegas - so...yeah... In addition to that, I was having transmission problems....they DID approve a new transmission. Car has 35,000 miles on...
  7. Just a few questions on 5.0 r spec

    Hello there, I'm turning in my leased lexus IS here in a couple months. I'm looking for another luxury sedan used to buy. I've researched used IS's, 335i's, you name it I've looked them up. I forgot all about the genesis and have been really looking into the 2012 5.0 R spec. My questions...
  8. 2012 r spec sedan steering lock question?

    I used to have a 2009 4.6 and when you did push start you could hear the steering wheel unlocking. With my 2012 r spec I do not get that sound. With my 2009 if you turned the wheel with car off you could feel the wheel lock. My 2012 does not do that. Did the r spec just not have this option?
  9. BC Racing - R spec

    For those of you who have been waiting patiently for BC's coilovers for your R spec, the wait should be over very soon. They just fitted the revised version on my car yesterday.
  10. R spec caliper covers wanted

    As title states looking for a set of caliper covers for the 2012 R spec in either black or red. I am located in SoCal and prefer local pickup due to not having using that paypal crap
  11. anyone running Miro 111 rims or P40 rims? Looking to get a set for my R Spec 5.0

    Looking to get rims for my Black 2012 R Spec 5.0 . My 19 tires are good but my rims are damaged so I want to throw some different 19s and keep my tires. Looking at these what look like replica Miro 111s? Anyone run these? Or any other suggestions? really like the concave look of these rims on...
  12. 2012 gen 5.0 r spec Oil Catch can install

    Coming from the Theta II optima i have learned that GDI tends to cause a bit much of oil to gather, and being that the genesis is also gdi i decided to put my oil catch can on the genesis 5.0 r spec. ill be keeping up with this weekly to show the amount of build up in oil the catch can obtains...
  13. FS: Spec D Black Bezel Coupe Headlights w/ smoke tinted lens

    These are brand new as of 7-7-15, installed on car for two days, decided to go with another brand because I don't care for the smoke tinted lens. Spec D Black Bezel with smoke tint lens, LED DRL lower eyelash. Manufacturer part# 2LHP-GENS210G-V2-TM I cannot return these for refund because they...
  14. Day time running L E D lights for Genesis 2013 R spec 5.0

    some say that install L E D lights and you lose high beam. IJDM toy website claims otherwise. They claim that high beam still works, but not that bright. Has anyone used VLED lights for daytime running lights ? Any ideas??? Thanks
  15. Rear end toe/camber way out of spec!

    What the heck!! Picking up the Genesis from a friends body shop today. I had hit a disc brake that was in the middle of the freeway with the front left tire. Part of the repair was a full wheel alignment which my insurance paid for. After hitting the disc brake the car still seemed to drive...
  16. Crusty Old Shellback

    upgrade from 12 R Spec to 15 5.0 ???

    OK, I've got a '12 R Spec that I've owned since new and now have 40K miles on it. I've been toying with the idea of trading up to a '15 5.0 ultimate. Well yesterday as I was looking at the line of cars that just rolled off the ship, I spot a Montecito Blue one sitting there in the front. So I...
  17. 5.0 r spec or 5.0l?

    ive been trying to find this out but cant find it anywhere... what is the difference between a 2012/14 5.0 r spec and a non r spec 5.0?
  18. Better deal 11K off of 2014 3.8 or 12K off 2014 R spec

    I am seeing 2 cars, The 2014 3.8 is 45,015K MSRP selling for 34129 75 miles on it.. the 2014 5.0 R Spec is MSRP 48,804 and selling for $36,987 with 2,579 Demo model. I can't tell you what packages is on each. The R Spec says they have it all in it though.
  19. WTB 2013+ 19" R Spec Coupe Wheels (just fronts or full set)

    I currently have a set of 2013+ 19" R Spec wheels, but do not want to run the staggered setup, I would like to square it out for my Optima. Anyone have a set of front wheels (or full set) for sale? If someone else is looking to square up a set, I would be willing to trade my rear wheels for...
  20. best 5.0 r spec year?

    pretty sure this thread has been posted millions of times but im still giving it a go. im interested in buying a 5.0 r spec i am not new to the kdm cars just looking for something with a bit more power! which year would one suggest if a suggestion could be made!