1. No sound from 2011 base stereo (non-nav) - Amp failure?

    Hey there, A couple of hours into a long road trip, my mom's 2011 Cabernet Red Pearl sedan (non-nav, base audio) suffered an audio failure. According to her, the radio was playing MP3s from a USB stick when it suddenly cut to static. The radio played loud static over the sounds of whatever...
  2. USB Ipod connection issue

    I have the Premium 9.2" Nav system, and when I plug my iPod in through the USB, everything works well except that when I turn the car off and then back on the iPod goes back to the first alphabetical song and begins playing it. So i can't pick back up where I left off when I turned off the car...
  3. Stereo cut-out issue

    Greetings, I've noticed something annoying with the stereo in my Genesis, and was wondering if anybody else has noticed this issue... perhaps there is a setting I'm not seeing or a fix I don't know about. I first noticed this problem listening to audiobooks from my phone via bluetooth...
  4. Lexicon Stereo in New G90 is AMAZING

    So I recently went to the Chicago Auto Show and spent a considerable amount of time in the Genesis G90 (the new replacement for the Hyundai Equus). It's a terrific car. I also spent a lot of time in other luxury sedans. My specific aim this year was to compare high end stereos offered in...
  5. Am I missing something here? Stereo won't stay on when car is off?

    Like the title says... you pull up to a parking spot and want to hang out in the car for a few minutes.... but the radio/stereo shuts off instantly after turning the power off? Or is there a setting I can fool around with to make it not shut off when you shut the car off? Thanks,
  6. If you've owned both generations - is the stereo system in the 2015 much worse?

    I'm hearing a LOT of complaints about the stereo system in the second generation 2015 Genesis Sedan. Enough so that I want to create a little survey and look over it a year from now to see where it's at. If you owned a first generation Genesis Sedan with the same level stereo system you have in...
  7. Aquineas

    My (whimsical) stereo dilemma

    I've added an aftermarket subwoofer to my 2015 Ultimate, and it seems like it adds just the right amount of punch to the sound that I feel the stock system is lacking. I keep the bass knob turned down to like 1/3 most of the time, turning it up mostly for some older 80s songs that I feel need...
  8. Second Generation 17 Speaker Lexicon Stereo System

    Hi All, I Just returned my 2012 3.8 for a 2015 3.8 fully loaded. Both Gennies have the 17 speaker Lexicon Stereo system but I have found that the system in the 2012 sounded much better than in the new one. I spent about an hour trying to adjust the sound but the new system just sounds muddy...
  9. Stereo compatibility

    Hey all, I am still on the hunt to replaced my basic single disc none blue tooth 7 speaker receiver. I have see product of other base models like mine having a receiver with 6 disc changer and bluetooth. If a receiver is listed for Genesis's w/o premium speakers would that not mean the 7...
  10. 2015 3.8 Ultimate Stereo Issues Anyone Else?

    Symptoms before complete stereo losss: Stereo clips/cuts out regardless of source Turning off the vehicle and turning it back on would resolve the issue originally... Then it didn't resolve the issue and apparently the Amplifier was blown. Dealership overnighted a replacement Amplifier from...
  11. Replacing the Base Stereo with the 6-disc changer

    Hi all, I just bought a 2009 base Genesis with 39k on it. I couldn't pass it up as it was in near new condition. However the stereo in it has next to zero low end sound. I was wondering if anyone had tried replacing the base radio with the 6 disc changer version? I know there is a speaker...
  12. 2010 stock stereo for sale... $75 OBO

    Before purchasing my 2013 2.0t I had the 2010 3.8 and put a sound system in it, I kept the stock stereo and decided to put it for sale on here for anyone who wants to convert to stock and take their head unit with them. Great condition and has just been sitting around since I took it out. $75 OBO
  13. ngayle

    2015 Genesis Ultimate Stereo Weak???

    Traded my 2011 Genesis 4.8 Tech for a 2015 Genesis 3.8 Ultimate. I am in love with all aspects of the car except for two BIG features. No fog lamps on the v6 ultimate (will fix in another thread) and the stereo seems to be de-tuned. I am an audio guy and am very use to listening to stereo's...
  14. ShadowZ

    Will stereo function w/o disk changer?

    Question is simple. Does the disk changer provide any functionality other than playing CDs? Can I remove the unit and use every other part of my stereo without a hitch? Thanks all.
  15. What is the stereo in the base model?

    I'm looking at a base Genesis as an option but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the stereo in the base model. The PDF doesn't say who makes it. Who makes it and is it a good system? Thanks
  16. 2012-Rspec Stereo Probs

    Well I have been without a stereo for a month now, third time that it has went out with no sound. Comes on normal, I have reset it numerous times with no results. Took it to the dealership to find out it needs to be replaced. Cool I thought but now its back-ordered! What the hell everyone else...
  17. iPad Mini Integration or install

    With the size of the iPad Mini, the size of a double din stereo, many people (myself included) are ditching their car stereos in favor of utilizing the many features of the iPad. These include navigation, internet radio, etc. I would like to start a thread asking fellow Genesis owners to post...
  18. Stereo took a DUMP

    Well with that being said I went in today for a hard reset with no luck. I have to bring it back Monday so they can figure out if its the Amp or Head unit. Its been acting funny lately so I will be interested to see which it is.
  19. binarypulsar

    When I press hard on the brakes, the stereo turns on

    Without looking, someone backed out in front of me and I pressed hard on the brakes to avoid them. Which I did, however the stereo turned on. This also happened a couple of weeks ago when I was cut off by someone running out of lane. Do you think something is loose with the stereo connection?
  20. Bluetooth is broken on my stereo

    I own a 2010 Genesis Coupe 2.0T and my stereo is messed up. Music will be playing and about every 15 seconds the bluetooth cuts it off as if its trying to pair to my phone or something. If i connect my phone to it the problem goes away, BUT it is very hard to connect to it now. It takes me LOTS...
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