1. 2017 G80 5.0 tire size from (245/40R19 - 275/35R19) to (245/45R19 - 275/40R19)!

    So, I recently bought a 2017 G80 5.0 RWD and the car was available with the dealership for about 2 years. After I received the car, they gave me a paper containing tires replacement request by a certain tires dealership. This is required as the current tires are old and started to get stiffer...
  2. Best Tire for 2015 Hyundai Genesis AWD 18inch

    I live in Canada. Currently I am using Michelin X-Ice 3 for Winter and they are very good. I need a new set of All Season Tires. I have heard the Michelin PRIMACY MXM4 causes vibration. Usually I like Michelin but I don't want to take any chances with steering vibration. I need some...
  3. First Generation Correct tire pressure for P245/45ZR19 on R-Spec Sedan

    What is the correct tire pressure for these? Should I just set them to the same pressure the 235s were at?
  4. Crusty Old Shellback

    Tire balance beads

    I've used Balance beads, usually equal brand, on my large off road truck tires and in my motorcycle tires and love them. Never have to rebalance the tires and no wear issues. They are constantly balanced. So I'm thinking now of running them in my new '15 Genesis that I just picked up. So I'm...
  5. Bootsman84

    Widest or biggest tire you can fit on 09 sedan

    Thanks for the add. I have a question. What is the widest tire you can fit on the back of an 09 sedan? Or biggest? I'm okay with having different size tires on the back than the front. If there is a previous post that I didn't locate, please linknit and I'll check it out. Thank you
  6. tmf2004

    Tire Pressure?

    I thought there was a thread on tire pressure but i wasn't sure... when cold my tire pressure is at 29 but after driving and the rubber heating up its up arounf 31/32 on each tire... where should it be when cold? am i to low?
  7. Alwaysforward

    New tire width on 5.0's with free tire swap

    For those 5.0 owners who got the free tires that went with the Conti Pros, have you noticed that these tires (tread width) are an 1" narrower? Fronts are 8.2" vs 9.1" and the rears are 9.2" vs 10.2" on the Hankook's.
  8. My genesis after Tire Changing to Continental in Saudi Arabia

    Dear all in saudi arabia we have a problem with our tires that its blow up without any reason and causing a lot or damages and problems then the dealership made a recall to change the tires which is (Dunlop Maxx sport Gt) to the same bad tires again if any thing happens or you have an...
  9. 2011 Geneis 4.6 Selling winter tires and rims with TPMS

    I have a 2011 Genesis 4.6. Two years ago I bought a set of winter tires and wheels: Bridgestone Blizzack winter tires (235/50-18) and Enkei Aletta wheels with new TPMS sensors These have ~ 3-4K miles on them. I am moving to warm climate and do not need these winter tires and wheels. Willing...
  10. R-Spec tire size options on stock rims

    Please share your experience with different tire sizes that can fit on the original 19" rims. From my research, the options would be 245/45/R19 and 255/40/R19 to be as close to original as possible. The former will give 1mph difference at 80mph and the latter even less. The former should give a...
  11. Seeking Tire Recommendations for a 2011 Genesis Sedan

    I'm seeking recommendations for summer tires for a 2011 Genesis sedan. I've put 30,000 miles on the original stock Dunlop Sport 2000Ms, and they're nearly worn out. I use snow tires in the winter, so I need only summer tires at this point. I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations you could offer.
  12. Tire recall arrived

    My letter from Hyundai recalling the Hankook tires arrived today. No mention of the type of tires that will be provided. If you replaced your Hankooks prior to receipt of the notification, a website address is provided to apply for reimbursement. I previously had mine replaced with Michelin...
  13. Tire Change

    Hi my rear tires DUNLOP 275/35 , can i change to 275/40? Regards
  14. Tires for New Wheels Help

    hey all...tires seem to be the talk here so id like to get some opinions... just ordered some new Vossen CVTs for my 15 5.0L sedan (20" 9s in front and 10.5 rear), trying to decide on tires, I plan on leaving it at stock height for now and am thinking a 255 in the front and at least 285 in the...
  15. nickpike

    Tire pressure monitoring system

    Hi, has anybody checked the accuracy of the tyre pressure figures shown on the LCD screen in the car? That is, by actually measuring the pressures at the wheels and comparing. I'm wondering whether the values shown are more of an indication, rather than being deadly accurate.
  16. Snow tire question?

    I have a 2013 rspec, what are your thoughts on a 245/55-19 snow tire? I'm worried the sidewall will be to large. It will be a little less than an inch difference from the 245/45-19 on the car now, I have access to some light SUV snow tires in mint condition, blizzak dm-v1 which are some of the...
  17. BigDinYYC

    Need Summer Tire Suggestions

    I've parked my 2012 R-Spec for the winter now and come spring will need new rubber. Looking for some help on choosing an amazing summer tire, any input would be appreciated! THX
  18. Hankook tire recall

    I recently had the P18 recall done where they replaced my Hankook tires with Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires. I immediately noticed a rougher ride where I felt more of the road. Has anyone else noticed this? I contacted Hyundai and am waiting for a response.
  19. Tire Replacement Question

    Hey all, I'm looking at a used (not CPO) 2015 Genesis 3.8 AWD and it has a set of Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires on it. Is there a way to know if this car ever got the Michelin replacements and if not, would it still be eligible despite the fact that it doesn't currently have the Hankooks?
  20. Stupid tire debris

    I was going to work and saw pieces of tire on the road. Only tiny pieces so I just continue on and then suddenly I see a small piece, probably a size of a baseball or a little bigger, coming from the left and hit my bumper. I'm betting the semi truck couple lanes left of me sent it my way. :(...
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