transmission fill

  1. Changing Transmission Fluid

    Hey Guy Reaching out from nyc. I want to change my transmission fluid myself, my mileage is close to 60k. I know some most cars require a new filter it the same for genny? Or can someone tell me what I need to do for the transmission fluid change. Hyundai Genesis 2016 3.8
  2. Alex145

    Aisin B600 transmition fluid change at 86k kms or 50k miles

    Hey genesis owners, I was wondering if anyone has done a fluid change for the 3.8l 2011 genesis sedan which uses the aisin b600 transmiton(the 6 speed not the 8 from newer years). What should i look for while doing the change and should i follow the drain and refill procedure or should i do a...
  3. 2009 Genisis 4.6l w 6speed Aisin transmission (REFILL HELP)

    Whats up everyone, My name is Q, I gave been a mechanic on aircraft,, helicopter, cars for 32 years, but currently getting my a$$ kicked on a Tranny refill. I've changed my tranny pan, but can't find refill instructions for my model anywhere . I spoke to service manager at 2 different...
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