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  1. Someone tell hyundai usa to put wing logo all around!

    Hyundai usa genesis should have the wing logo all around including trunk from factory due to the fact that the korean and arabian cars have them all around. For example do people want their lexus to have the lexus L in front and toyota logo in rear, does infiniti owners want infiniti logo in...
  2. 2014 Equus - USA Today

  3. USA Today - Top Ten Under-loved Cars That Are Deals

    Found this in USA Today's auto section. Somebody plz post a link to it. Appearing in this story was probably not a compliment, despite the text. "Hyundai Genesis Hyundai introduced a true luxury sedan in 2009 that we awarded with our top honor, and it has only improved since then. At close...
  4. Canadian VS USA Genesis Coupe 2.0T

    I've had my Gen Coupe 2.0T Premium for about 2 months now. I have nothing to say except that the Canadian spoiler is worth a double thinking. When I dealt my car, I thought the spoiler would be factory-made and factory-fixed. Instead, I waited about 2 weeks for my dealer to obtain the spoiler...
  5. James Healey (USA Today) review

    Aside from a few nitpicks, a glowing review. http://content.usatoday.net/dist/custom/gci/InsidePage.aspx?cId=tennessean&sParam=35732562.story
  6. ARKperformance

    Genesis landed usa !!

    GENESIS Coupe just landed Long Beach port !! Well, not on sale... But they are in the socal ports. under 30K 3.8L / 26K 2.0L !! (is this double post? if is,,,, pardon :D )
  7. Review from USA Today

  8. USA Today Review

    Here's a nice review from the USA Today: Genesis' excellence is surprising, because usually a car company's first crack at a new segment is wanting. For instance, Toyota's 1993 T100 pickup, first try at an American-style pickup, was too small and lacked a V-8. Only now, a decade-and-a-half...
  9. Jerrad

    I want these options in my U.S.A. Genesis

    Things I want in my Genesis!
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