1. SMD80

    2018 G80 Spark Plugs Replacement

    Hello gentlemen, I want to know the approximate life time and process of changing out the V6 3.8 GDI spark plugs and that’s all. thank you ❤️
  2. 500hp boosted 3.8 genesis

    I just posted a YouTube video of my buddies turbo 3.8 genesis coupe and thought you guys would like it. It includes a short edit, interview of the owner, and exhaust/fly-by videos. Please check it out, comment any questions you have on YouTube, and subscribe. Thanks! Also, the owner is a...
  3. 500whp Turbo Genesis 3.8

    I just posted a YouTube video of my buddies turbo 3.8 genesis coupe and thought you guys would like it. It includes a short edit, interview of the owner, and exhaust/fly-by videos. Please check it out, comment any questions you have on YouTube, and subscribe. Thanks! Also, the owner is a...
  4. 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Ultimate vs 5.0 Base

    After discounts, leftover 2015 models seem to be around the same price now for a 3.8 Ultimate and 5.0 Base model. So if you had the choice of purchasing one of these for the same price, which would you choose and why? Main differences between the two: 3.8 Ultimate: V6 engine, HUD, 17 speaker...
  5. V6 Twin Turbo replacing V8 next year?

    Word is Hyundai will replace the current V8 with V6 Twin Turbo. Whether it goes into G90 (Equus) first or both G90 and G80 is up to debate. I believe the V6 TT is 390 HP. Anyone else hear the same rumors? I'm guessing with V6 TT gas mileage should improve
  6. Help!!! Oxygen Sensor & Brakes! 2009 V6 Sedan

    Hello I have a 2009 Genesis sedan a few months ago I was experiencing brake problems my pedal would go all the way down and would not break. Originally I thought it was my brake master so I went ahead and changed it with no luck on fixing. I eventually took to a brake shop who changed all brake...
  7. 3.8 V6 - Premium gas and more horsepower

    Hi everyone, Just picked up a 2016 3.8 Ultimate and was wondering if anyone knows if there is a confirmed horsepower/torque difference between using regular gas and premium fuel. Thanks for your help!
  8. Best Engine Oil for Genesis 2012 V6

    Hello, I wanted to get an opinion on what is the best engine oil for v6 genesis sedan 2012 based on the experience you guyz have? The owner's manual recommends quaker state. I am not a big fan of quaker state. Amongst Mobil 1 and Castrol which one is better?
  9. Genesis G80 - V6 or V8? What will be available?

    So! What do you think? This is a tough call. I'm going to GUESS that "Genesis" wants the G80 to use the twin turbo V6. It'll have plenty of power and this will leave the G90 with a more powerful engine option. However, in a "best foot forward" introduction - would the V8 be a better idea? Some...
  10. maximo

    coupe rims on genesis sedan v6 question

    Does anyone here know off hand if you would need extended lugs or bolts with 5mm spacers? Or would the oem lugs and bolts work just fine. Any help would be appreciated. maximo
  11. 2012-14 Genesis Sedan V6 Oil Change

    Hello fellow Genesis drivers, I just changed my oil with Mahle Oil Filter kit which came with the filter, oil pan plug crush washer, big o-ring that goes around the oil filter cap and a small o-ring which I ended up not using. When I took out the filter that was installed by the dealer, which...
  12. 3.8 liter v-6 forsale

    I have a 3.8 liter engine pulled from a 2010 coupe with 17k miles on it. Car hit a deer and took out the front end radiator. Body shop sold insurance company a new engine and was towed to my dealership. Much to my surprise when I recieved the work order and went to get the car it started right...
  13. Quick notes on V8 vs V6 vs V6 AWD

    I have the 5.0 but have had both 3.8 and 3.8 HTRAC as loaners for 5+ days and thought I'd share some of my personal opinions. Dynamically, V6 is far superior than V8. V6 turns in much better, is much more balanced throughout the corner, and is in general more athletic. V8 air suspension has...
  14. New Owner 3.8 V6 2015

    Hi All, Just wanted to say hello, I picked up my new 2015 Genesis 3.8 in Silver metallic with Signature & Technology package last night. The car is amazing especially since my last car was a Mazda6 which was great but really noisy. Anyway look forward to chatting on this forum :) Greetings...
  15. v6 rwd mpg's !! post em up!

    what are you guys getting on fill up ? the read out on the car seems pretty accurate, maybe off by +1 or -1 but overall pretty accurate. What are you guys getting ? this is only for RWD 3.8, Not AWD 3.8, I already know AWD is as bad a 8 cylinder so don't bother posting it! :)
  16. Enjuku Racing - Koyo V-Core Radiator for Hyundai Genesis 3.8L V6 10-13

    Koyo V-Core Radiator Hyundai Genesis 3.8L V6 10-13 $415.00
  17. 2015 V6 Ultimate, Casablanca White!! New owner

    Hello all! I've lurked this site long enough and finally decided to post. I picked up my 15 V6 Ultimate in August and I absolutely love it. Coming from a Lexus ISF, I would've never imagined in a million years that I would be driving a Hyundai. This car is impossible to ignore for the design...
  18. V6 vs V8

    I brought my V8 Ultimate Genesis in for service and I was given a V6 Ultimate loaner. I did test drive both vehicles prior to my purchase, but it has been a year since I drove the V6. Since it was a loaner car, I ended up having an extended test drive. The V6 has reasonable power, but it is...
  19. ifonline

    My History with Two Genesis V6s

    I wanted to post my history with two Genesis V6s, one a 2011 and one a 2013, both bought new. I think more than anything I just need to vent a bit, but I certainly welcome any input and comments. So, here goes: My first Genesis was a silver 2011 V6 Premium/Tech. It was nice, but it had a...
  20. Curt@MSN

    No ivory on V6 cars for MY2016 ?? Say it isn't so.

    My local dealer here in Madison, WI was doing a locator search for me on allocated inventory for MY2016 (today) and ivory is NOT A VALID OPTION for V6 cars...can this really be? If someone can confirm one way or another I would be most grateful. Curt
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