1. IRequireFellatio

    2015-2016 Genesis 5.0 Exhaust Setup

    I want to make my Genesis sound a smidgen, perhaps even a scintilla, more aggressive. Not Douchebaggishly loud. I'm looking for a nice, tasteful tone. I'm thinking a resonator delete (still mulling over an X-pipe versus an H-pipe) to some sort of turbo mufflers out back. So far Borla XS'...
  2. Genesis will be giving up the V8 then?

    It looks like with the refresh Genesis will not offer the v8 on the G80 and only for a few years with the G90. Afterwards, that is it: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a27506533/genesis-v-8-engine-future/
  3. NOS!!! 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0L V8

    So I've made the decision 2 purchase a nitrous kit. does anyone know what the fuel pressure supposed to read? So much information on the coupe's but not so much on the sedans. I'll be sure to post pics update my progress and let y'all know what the performance gains are as well as any...
  4. omegafiler

    G80 5.0l V8 Custom Corsa Exhaust Installed

    Since Corsa doesn't want to make an exhaust for the Genesis, I had a local exhaust shop do that for me. ;) We basically just replaced the stock mufflers with Corsa Sport mufflers intended for another vehicle. I just found a kit that looked like it was the best fit for size and inlet/outlet. Then...
  5. First Generation FS - 2012 Genesis Sedan R-Spec $17,800

    I have owned this car since December of 2015, but it is time to move on. I am in no particular hurry to sell, but I am getting bored of it and want something a bit "sportier". You guys know the details on these cars, so I won't go into them. It isn't without it's chips and knicks here and...
  6. 2015 5.0 V8 HTRAC/AWD engine stalled while driving and all electronics shut off

    2015 5.0 V8 HTRAC engine stalled while driving and all electronics shut off So, I have the 2015 V8 with the HTRAC (as I am in Canada) with 38K kms on it, I am the first owner, bone stock, no accidents. Here are my issues: 1. A month ago I get an error saying to get the haptic feedback system...
  7. 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Ultimate vs 5.0 Base

    After discounts, leftover 2015 models seem to be around the same price now for a 3.8 Ultimate and 5.0 Base model. So if you had the choice of purchasing one of these for the same price, which would you choose and why? Main differences between the two: 3.8 Ultimate: V6 engine, HUD, 17 speaker...
  8. mky

    No 2015 V8 Ultimate in SoCal area?

    Hey guys, I was looking at buying 2015 V8 with ultimate package given that I could not find any 2016 V8s. Even the Hyundai website does not list the V8 option for 2016 genesis anymore. Has that been discontinued? Are there any 2016 V8s (ultimate package included) or 2015 V8s with ultimate...
  9. V6 Twin Turbo replacing V8 next year?

    Word is Hyundai will replace the current V8 with V6 Twin Turbo. Whether it goes into G90 (Equus) first or both G90 and G80 is up to debate. I believe the V6 TT is 390 HP. Anyone else hear the same rumors? I'm guessing with V6 TT gas mileage should improve
  10. 2015 5.0 V8 models: Do they all come standard with first two packages

    From what I read the 5.0 model co Es standard with the Signatire and Tech package. The only upgrade option is the Ultimate package correct? Which means the only major add.on missing is the HUD and the automatic trunk open. Because looking online and test driving the car yesterday it came with...
  11. 2015 Genesis V8 - looking for Rims (19 inch staggered)

    Hi I am looking for a set of rims in good condition and decently priced. Thx
  12. Second Generation Continental Tires on 2015 v8

    Continental Tires on 2015 v8 Are these Symmetrical, or unsymmetrical? Directional, or not? I am very confused...looking at the tread, and looking online. With a Tire Rotation, the road noise is increased substantially...and i am concerened if the dealer did the right rotation? Pls help Pic...
  13. Replacing coolant in Genesis 2009 v8

    Has anyone replaced the coolant on a Genesis 2009 v8? I tried to do it but it didn't quite work. A little less than a gallon of the coolant drained from the drain on the driver side of the radiator. There is supposed to be about 3 gallons of it in the cooling system. Is there another drain I...
  14. 2012 4.6 V8 A/C question

    When I start car, A/C doesn't even try to cool unless I hit the fuel pedal and never really gets cold at all until I start driving. Is this normal? Also when on "auto' the fan speed varies itself depending on acceleration/stop etc. Just bought this before xmas 2015. Thx in advance for any advice!
  15. 2015 v8 2g oil change w/mityvac

    2015 5.0L 2G oil change w/mityvac Finally got around to changing the oil on this car using a MityVac - the notes below may help other DIY'ers. First off - why vacuum the oil out? Answer is you don't have to remove the rear lower body panel or the drain plug/crush washer. And since the...
  16. BC Coilovers For V8 Installed

    I got the revised V8 BC coilovers installed today and took some quick pics. The car was dirty but still looks great!
  17. Second Generation NoCal: Upgrading to 2015 v8 Ultimate; selling my 10 mo old 2015 v8 base

    Upgrading to 2015 v8 Ultimate; selling my 10 mo old 2015 v8 base (pristine, like new) Am in San Jose, CA. Am original owner of the car; Grey outside, and Black inside. 10,500 Miles. MSRP was $52,800. Asking $39, 500
  18. No more V8's for the Genesis line

    Looks like starting with the 2017 model year, the only way to obtain a 5.0 V8 will be to purchase a G90 Equus. 6 cylinders only for Genesis. A disappointment to me, love my 2012 5.0 sedan.
  19. V8 No Longer Available

    On the Hyundai website I see that the V8 is no longer being offered. Perhaps it's gone and when the 2017 Genesis G80 debuts the 3.3 TT will be offered as the optional engine.
  20. First Generation Interested in a genni sedan v8 with 65k miles for 12k?

    The car does have a salvage title! If that's a concern for you then please don't bother me with questions about the car. It's a 2010 pearl white with tan interior. For its year it's in great shape. I will post pics when it warms up here. It runs and operates like it's supposed to. I have...
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