1. 2010 V8 - 10 HP bump and some other improvements

  2. TJPark01

    Genesis V-8 to Receive 10-hp Bump

    Not sure what to make of this C/D report: At a Hyundai event today, we learned that the 4.6-liter Tau V-8 in the Genesis sedan is slated to receive a 10-hp increase—to 385—for 2010. Torque remains at 333 lb-ft and fuel economy stays flat at 17 mpg city and 25 highway. The impressive Tau has...
  3. TJPark01

    2010 V8 - Pics, what's new?

    2010 V8 Pics. What's new?
  4. TJPark01

    V8 oil filter confusion

    Went to get an oil filter for V8 Genesis for my second oil change. The part number and pieces are different from the first time I did this. Part number 26320-3C30A Filter Mahle: 26330-3C300 The parts clerk said the filter part number has changed, can anyone confirm this?
  5. Audio problems - Sedan V8 Tech. package

    I've had my V8 Sedan with the Tech. package for a little over a month... Love the car but have two issues... 1st. item - Centre Front Parking Sensor was malfunctioning.. Dealer obtained part (2 weeks ) and replaced the sensor. Problem involved part of the scensor wire being crimped between...
  6. Weird MPG results... Calling v8 owners

    First I should explain I have a long isolated commute... 87 miles a day mostly flat (no elevation variation more than 100 ft)... v-8 sedan... I have been tracking MPG against driving and noticed that I get about 2.3 MPG better economy at 67 than at 57 indicated (Navi reports 65 and 55)... I use...
  7. 2009 hyundai genesis 4.6 v8 with lights you wont see anywhere else

    This was done at the request of the owner of the car , the lights on the right side doors are on the right side blinkers & the same for the left side, hope you enjoy YouTube - 2009 HYUNDAI GENESIS
  8. crupp

    Pic of Wheel emblem on Platinum Silver v8

    Does anyone have a picture of a Platinum Silver V8 with the winged center pieces? I caught a curb and scrapped my wheel. Luckily there is a local place that has a set of wheels from someone who swapped the OEMs for a set of aftermarket wheels. He is willing to sell me one for $150.00...
  9. V8 cold start vibration

    Hi All, First post to this forum! I am a happy owner of an '09 Genesis 4.6 with Tech Package. We just took it on a nice long trip and the odometer just ticked past the 1,000 km (620 miles), so the engine is just starting to break in. We love everything about the car, except for one little...
  10. Newly Just Acquired 2010 V8 Sedan with Tech Package

    I'm a 70's era "muscle car" guy that slowly lost interest in cars years ago. Instead of cars - I played with large displacement motorcycles to satisfy my "performance" needs. I've been watching the v8 Genesis for awhile waiting to see how well it was accepted and to see what changes would be...
  11. 2010 Genesis V6 Tech vs 2010 Genesis V8 Tech

    I've been lurking this forum for months. I'm very interested in the new 2010 Genesis but, I would like to know all the differences between the two trims when ordered with all the goodies. So, besides the obvious engine/tranny difference and bigger brakes for the V8, What other differences...
  12. V6 vs V8?

    Please direct me to the thread if it already exists, but I couldn't find any discussion on the merits of the V6 vs V8. In my research, I was focused on the V6 due to the lower price, better mileage, and for the windy roads I drive on, the V6 seemed to get some good reviews on the pep and...
  13. Thinking about a V8 Genesis

    I hate this type of thread, but here goes anyway. Former owner of a Taurus SHO V8, Ford Lightning (99 model) and a Lincoln Blackwood in the last 10 years or so and not to mention all sorts of other Street Rod/Hot Rod vehicles in my now almost 70 years. The last three vehicles all were...
  14. Bernie

    Fuse Box Pics for V6 V8 with/without Tech Package

    It would useful for our forum to post a small library of pictures of the fuse locations on both driver and passenger side for the Genesis. This would be useful for those of us that have played around with the fuses and mistakenly re-used a fuse in the wrong location! I am quite sure that the...
  15. First spy pic of Supercharged Tau V8

  16. Rhys Millen working on a V8 mid-engine Genesis Coupe

    http://blogs.edmunds.com/straightline/2009/09/sema-preview-mid-engine-hyundai-genesis-coupe-by-rhys-millen.html?tid=edmunds.il.home.photopanel..1.* Some early reports indicate that the next-gen Genesis Coupe will include a V8 variant, however, the whole mid-engine thing seems like a SEMA one-up.
  17. V8 Tech Cost....

    Hi! New forum member here. I am going to pull the trigger for a V8 w/ tech package sometime this week and was wondering what kind of prices have other members been getting recently for a 2009 model. The first quote I got without any negotiation was $37,930 plus ttl. Does this sound reasonable or...
  18. Lego V8

The Genesis License Plate Frame
Tired of waiting for a Genesis SUV?
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