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  1. Jump Start another vehicle with 2015 Genesis

    Is it difficult for others, when trying to jump start another car, trying to hook up jumper cable to the Positive + side of the battery ? It takes forever trying to get a good, solid connection on the Genesis positive anode ? Why did Hyundai think this was the easiest way to hook it up, as...
  2. cane2025

    ResistAll vehicle protector

    So, I bought my wife a 3.8 Base and added the ResistAll protector which the finance guy said covered the interior carpet and leather seats from any damage including cuts to the leather up to an inch long. Does anyone have any experiences with this product? Has anyone that bought it had to use it...
  3. Zurich Vehicle Service Contract?

    Hello all, This past weekend, I purchased a 2011 Hyundai Genesis 3.8L with the premium package (but no tech package). It has 31,000 miles and is still under the factory 5yr/60K warranty until April. I bought it at a Ford dealer and at closing they tried to sell me a 3yr/36K extended ford...
  4. Locking vehicle

    I've noticed that lately when I lock the car the turn signal lights and sound don't activate. The vehicle locks fine but no noise or lights. Unlock lights and sound activate. Lock noise is turned on in vehicle settings... Any thoughts?
  5. Genesis Review from Vehicle Virgins

    I personally am not a big fan of most of his videos but at least it made the channel! http://youtu.be/Fvk84FyfRkM http://youtu.be/w4bEM8k1mIc
  6. High-tech vehicle systems get short shrift by many drivers

    This made for an interesting read: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2976460/telematics/high-tech-vehicle-systems-get-short-shrift-by-many-drivers.html?phint=newt%3Dcomputerworld_dailynews&phint=idg_eid%3D050dc05bb8d7233a681a41ce46aab116#tk.CTWNLE_nlt_pm_2015-08-26
  7. Kia Cadenza Earns AutoPacific's 2015 Ideal Vehicle Award in Large Car Category

    Advanced Technology, Safety Features and World-Class Styling Continue to Earn Cadenza Critical Acclaim - AutoPacific’s Ideal Vehicle Award recognizes product designs that most completely fulfill buyers’ needs and expectations - Cadenza adds to its Vehicle Satisfaction Award earlier this year...
  8. sabre3

    2015 Hyundai Genesis J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Survey

    I just received an email to take part in this survey. Anyone else receive it? Should I do it?
  9. Vehicle Depreciation

    According to Auto Blog, the Hyundai Genesis is number one in vehicle depreciation- losing approximately $16,600 of value in the first year of ownership. I don't understand- my only issue is an idler pulley in my '12 3.8 sedan. It's an outstanding vehicle in my opinion.:D
  10. Tpr5.0

    Post up odometer reading and any vehicle service/issues

    5,790 miles and one oil change. Looking forward to changing the winter tires for summer tires.
  11. losboricua

    Locking Vehicle while running

    So, I don't know if I'm just plain stupid or over looking this but can you lock your car while it is running and you step out of your car? I can't do it. On my previous car (08 Altima Push Start) I was able to stop at the gas station, leave the car running, close the door and then lock the...
  12. Would you purchase a vehicle with a GDI engine?

    Once having investigated the operation of a GDI engine and it's tendency to leave behind carbon deposits on the intake valves, I am re-thinking a decision to purchase any vehicle with GDI due to longevity issues. I am interested in any other opinions? Also, has anyone with a Hyundai GDI engine...
  13. Buying a 2012-13 Genesis Sedan 3.8 Base Rental Vehicle

    Quick Question? I live in the DFW area and I am finding base 2012 Genesis sedans for around 22k. They are usually around 30k miles but they all look in good shape. But the thing is that they are rental cars. Has anyone had anyone on the forum purchased one of these cars? Have you had any...
  14. Would you buy a Genesis as your only vehicle

    I live in the Mountains of Montana. I drive 1000's of miles in the winter on mountain roads and over passes to Spokane. I really like these cars but it would be my only vehicle, so it has to be reliable . I have no trouble driving my rear wheel drive MB in the winter. I have never had any...
  15. SmoovC

    Xpel Ultimate FULL Vehicle Wrap

    A couple months ago, I had a "full front wrap" done on the Genesis. This included: front bumper, full hood, full right and left fenders, headlights, fog lights, radar covers, mirrors and door edges. The product used was Xpel Ultimate, link and info here...
  16. j0nblayz

    Key not in vehicle alarm

    does anyone know how to disable the chime you get when you leave the car running and leave the vehicle with the key? I like the feature, however alarm is getting pretty annoying in the morning when im dropping my kids off at daycare. I get out of the car close the door, alarm dings, then i open...
  17. jnc2000

    Hyundai uses cloud server to remotely check vehicle performance

    Hyundai uses cloud server to remotely check vehicle performance
  18. Aquineas

    Hey Mods... you're missing a choice on the vehicle list..

    You're missing a 5.0 non-rspec! Kinda like.. well... mine :-). I pulled the trigger on one and I'm happier than a puppy in a fire hydrant factory.
  19. Deciding on next (future) vehicle!

    Hello Everyone, Yes, I am new here, and I don't currently own a Genesis sedan, but I will most likely pick one up in the future... I've become fan for Hyundai's product when the Genesis sedan was initially advertised a superbowl Sunday (years ago). I won't go on and on about how Hyundai has...
  20. Quick video of the trunk for this Genesis show car/Sound Quality competition vehicle

    hey guys, about to go on vacation and the full install log for this car wont be up until after i get back. so i took a quick video of the trunk showing the lighting effects and wiring organization and posted it up :) a few quick notes: 1. there is a top cover that goes over the entire thing...
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