1. 2017 Hyundai Genesis G80 Unveiling - Video

    2017 Hyundai Genesis G80 Unveiling
  2. Rear seat video or Ipad mounts?

    Hello, Just bought a new Genesis V8 and I am looking for options to do a OEM quality Rear Seat Entertainment setup. The ideal solution would be a powered iPad mount that looks seamless much like Volvo, BWM, Audi, MB are offering. Like this: Or if I cant find an iPad mount, then some form...
  3. masaidwakeupson

    Strange transmission issue (video)

    Lately I've been having issues with the trans shifting properly. I'll give steady gas to accelerate from a stop and the transmission kicks like hell when shifting through gears 1-3. It's like it gets stuck in neutral for too long before engaging the next gear. And of course while it's in neutral...
  4. Video teaser....

    Enjoy :-)
  5. xiaphin

    Stanced Visuals Magazine Promo 2016 Video

    A month or so back I attended an event bringing all the cars who are to be in the first two issues of this magazine together. @stancedvisuals Here is the video result from the event. Stanced Visuals Magazine Promo 2016 Video My car is in a few shots with trunk setup at 0:54...
  6. Express Rally Video

    Thought you guys might enjoy this.
  7. GENESIS G90 youtube video Not sure if it will be linked but check it out G90 looks like 2nd Gen bigger brother
  8. 2016 Genesis "Finest Edition" -- interior video review (TV's and reclining rear)

    2016 Genesis "Finest Edition" -- interior video review (TV's and reclining rear) So, I thought I'd upload some basic video I made of the interior of my new car. It's the fully-loaded version of the Hyundai 3.8L AWD "Finest Edition" available in South Korea, pre-mod. (In Korea, there...
  9. Video in motion

    Does anyone know where i can find this module for the 2015 genesis sedan....ive been looking everywhere. Websites...companys that do this....thanks
  10. Aquineas

    G80 Test-track video

    Looks a little... lol well like a luxury car forced to go fast lol.
  11. 2017 Genesis - Angry Test Driver Video

    Wasn't sure this had been posted. When the car starts and exits at the end, some say turbo, others say diesel due to pump at :08.
  12. 3.8 AWD knocking sound issue (video)

    I could hear the engine knocking sound between 24-30mph speed rage. Hyundai dealership found that the problem came from dashboard and they adjusted the plastic dashboard. After that, It was not fixed and I went to Hyundai again and they found that the sound came from cowl cover. So they...
  13. How to: Changing the key fob battery (Video)

    The trick is to remove the key first.
  14. MUST view video review for current/perspective Genesis V6 & V8!!

    I have watched many reviews for the 2015 Genesis V6 & V8's. This video has got to be the most informative and thorough review. Reviewer in video goes through details of the Genesis' "undercar cover removal", V6 vs. V8 drivetrain, seats, infotainment, etc. A MUST watch...
  15. larrymg1

    DRL remove/replace pixc or video.

    I have reviewed all the posts I could locate on the DRL's and been unable to find any specific instructions/pics/video of the removal/replacement procedures. I can't determine from viewing the lamp connection assembly how to remove it. Please help. Purchased new LEDS need to install. Thanks
  16. VIDEO: 2010 Genesis 4.6 with Dynomax VT's, MSA Cat Deletes and R2C Intake

    Hey all, I have these posted in the large Dynomax VT thread but I figured it would be nice to create a separate thread for users searching for exhaust videos. My car is a 2010 4.6 with Dynomax VT's in place of the stock mufflers, MSA secondary cat deletes and an R2C intake. Dig...
  17. Genesis 4.6 Muffler Delete - Video

    X pipe installed, mufflers deleted and replaced with stainless steel and topped off with quad exhaust tips. There is the R2C CAI installed as well.
  18. zielritter

    Short Video of Magnaflow CBE on 2012 4.6L

    As some of you are aware, I had previously installed the RSpec Magnaflow cat back exhaust on my 2012 3.8L with minor modification. When I traded in the V6 and got the last year version of the 4.6L, naturally I wanted to move the exhaust and cat deletes over to it. Anyways, here's a quick...
  19. 5.0 engine ticking sound at idle??? w/ video

    My Genesis makes a ticking sound while idling. I've had this since purchase in November. Is this normal for a Hyundai? Compared to other auto makers. It seems very loud. I am guessing the ticking is from the fuel injectors going into the engine. Is it because it is a GDI engine? Does...
  20. Has anyone seen this video? The Empty Car Convoy

    What do you think?!
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