1. Genesis G70 White/Gray Steering Wheel

    Does anybody know what package I need to get this steering wheel? I have the light interior, but it has a black steering wheel. I would like to replace it with this one but I need a VIN from a vehicle with this wheel to order it from Parts. I can find a VIN with this if I know what package has...
  2. How to remove Low Tire Pressure Warning

    It got cold where i live so my tire pressures went down, i filled them up to recommended pressures, but my car still beeps at me everytime i drive. How do i turn off the indicator.
  3. Does R-Spec sedan 19” wheel fit 3.8 sedan?

    I have a fully optioned 2013 Genesis 3.8 sedan. Does anyone know if the OEM 18” wheels w/4x4.5 bolt pattern can be swapped for R-Spec sedan 19” OEM wheels w/4x115 bolt pattern?
  4. Lug nut removal without key

    Hi All I recently bought a 2011 Genesis 4.6. I want to check the brakes but the wheels have a locking wheel nut and the car didn't come with the lug nut key. Picture attached. 1. Did all 2011 Genesis cars come with a locking lug nut and key? 2. is the key available? 3. If this is an after...
  5. Aquineas

    Help me understand this wheel offset thing..

    If I want the wheel to move inwards, is that a lower or higher offset number? Context: my front passenger TSW Amaroo wheel (which is a 2-piece wheel) was defective. The tire wouldn't hold air and finally the wheel became so unstable that I had to put the stock wheel back on it until a...
  6. Widest rear WHEEL fitment

    I apologize if this has been answered in the past, but I only did a fairly quick search. I am not asking what the widest tire I can fit on a stock wheel, I'm not talking about rolling fenders or stretching tires. I'm not talking about poking out the side of the car, or any of that silly stuff...
  7. 2011 Genesis 4.6 Selling winter tires and rims with TPMS

    I have a 2011 Genesis 4.6. Two years ago I bought a set of winter tires and wheels: Bridgestone Blizzack LM-60 winter tires (235/50-18) and Enkei Aletta wheels with new TPMS sensors These have ~ 3-4K miles on them. I am moving to warm climate and do not need these winter tires and wheels...
  8. Light out in steering wheel ??

    I just bought a 2013 Genesis 3.8 with the Tech package. I am so happy, I love the car, has 44k miles on it. Just have a couple of questions that my fellow Genesis members might be able to answer for me before the warranty ends. 1. Is the "DISP" light in the steering wheel supposed to...
  9. 18" wheel difference

    I'm looking for winged wheel caps for 2013 3.8 sedan with 18" wheels but it seems there is a difference between the V8 18" wheels and the V6. Can anyone explain? Thanks
  10. 2013 Wheel and TPMS Compatibility

    Hey folks, just recently purchased a 2013 Genesis premium which has 18 inch wheels and I'll need to purchase a second set of wheels for winter tires. Before I do a bunch of research I figure that someone here probably already has the answers. Are there any Hyundai/Kia wheels which would fit...
  11. Is this steering wheel "thunk" normal

    2015 5.0 Ultimate with 6800 mi. every now and then I would feel a thunk in the steering wheel column when I wasn't driving. Normally it was getting into the car, or reaching around the wheel. The way I was able to reliably reproduce it is to grab the wheel at 3 and 9 o'clock and slightly pull...
  12. x3 Brand New Genuine 18" Wheel Winged Center Cap Genesis Sedan

    I have 3 brand new never installed still in the plastic bags. Looking for 30 dollars shipped. I don't have the car and don't need these. They are for this wheel.
  13. Genuine 18" Wheel Winged Center Cap For Hyundai Genesis Sedan

    I have a set of 4 I removed from my old sedan that I found while packing up the garage. Sell for $35 shipped, they are in great used condition, I removed because I preferred the other style center cap. Looks like they go for $50+ shipped on ebay so I will try there if I get no bites here.
  14. Amiddy

    Steering Wheel is Drunk?

    I have no clue what is going on with my steering wheel... I will get in my car, and turn it on. Then.... 1.) Sometimes the steering wheel will automatically go to its proper setting. 2.) I will have to press "2" five-six times on the door panel to get the wheel to lower to its proper spot...
  15. 2011 Geneis 4.6 Selling winter tires and rims with TPMS

    I have a 2011 Genesis 4.6. Two years ago I bought a set of winter tires and wheels: Bridgestone Blizzack winter tires (235/50-18) and Enkei Aletta wheels with new TPMS sensors These have ~ 3-4K miles on them. I am moving to warm climate and do not need these winter tires and wheels. Willing...
  16. First Generation 19 inch rspec wheel and tires 700.00

    Like new rspec wheels and tires. No curb rash, no scratches.. Tires are Conti Pro Trac with 60 percent tread front 70 percent back.(just had them rotated before purchase of new wheels). Bought new wheels no longer need these, priced to sell. Price + shipping from Tx 75040. PM me or text@469-347-1716
  17. BigDinYYC

    Steering Wheel Wings

    If anyone is looking to cover up the H on your steering wheel, I just did with this product off of Amazon. That H was driving me crazy so I ordered this with my wheel cap wings. Love it and it fits perfectly. Can't wait to get those wheel caps put on with my new tires arriving next week.
  18. Wheel question

    Had to get a wheel balanced and the guy told me he couldn't do anything cause the wheel was slightly bent. only could be seen on the high speed balance machine. What would be my options so far the wheels and tires have been nothing but a problem.
  19. BigDinYYC

    Winged Wheel Caps

    About to put new tread on my 2012 Sedan R-Spec and thought I'd switch the H logo for some Genesis winged wheel caps. Anyone have a reliable source/site that I can buy them from while I wait for my tires to come in. Preferably in Canada would be nice but no huge deal if not, just looking for a...
  20. Wheel alignment ripoff

    I purchased my 2014 Genesis base almost a year ago. As part of the negotiation, I received free oil changes and tire rotations from the dealer. I just took the car in today for oil and rotation. They informed me that I needed a wheel alignment, as 3 of the 4 wheels were out of alignment...
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