1. Kualsi

    18" Clearance with factory Brembo brakes?

    Hey guys first post here! I have a 2019 G70 2.0T Prestige and I was wondering if the factory Brembo kit will clear the OEM 18" wheels? My car didn't come with Brembos but I am thinking of upgrading to them, but I want to keep my 18" wheels mainly because I prefer the look of the smaller wheel. I...
  2. '17 coupe wheels on a '12 3.8 sedan???

    I've tried searching for this.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A local classified ad for coupe wheels has me wondering if the 18x8 or 18x7.5 will clear the sedan brake calipers. Ideally, I want to put the 8"ers all around. I understand wheel measurements and offsets
  3. Vik Saini

    Can I run STAGGERED tires on a SQUARE rim setup with custom wheels?

    Hey ALL! 🖐 Wheel question. Just as the STOCK Genesis Coupe 2.0T wheel setup goes 225/45/18 [FRONT] - 245/45/18 [REAR] but with the SAME rim size... I wanted to know if I could buy these Verde V25 Quantum rims that are 19x8.5 all-around and to compensate for the TCS/ABS, I could run taller...
  4. Wheel question for my 2015 Genesis 5.0

    Yes Ive tried the search function.... just looking for some confirmation. I have a 2015 Genesis 5.0 with factory staggered 19's. Im about to pull the trigger on some new wheels and just want to make sure they should be ok. It seems the offset can vary depending on the wheel manufacturer. From...
  5. Bent SubFrame / Damaged Lower Left Lateral Control Arm

    Hello, I recently purchases a 2009 4.6L 70k miles. I probably bought it with too much haste, but I really love it and it’s teaching me a lot... silver lining, right? Firestone finally figured out (3rd visit) that it wasn’t their alignment specs causing it to pull to the right. The lower left...
  6. xiaphin

    FOR SALE: Infinitewerks LS 3 Piece w/Reverse Lips - 20x10+18 | 20x10.5+28 – $2500

    Infinitewerks LS 3 Piece w/Reverse Lips - 20x10+18 | 20x10.5+28 – $2500 Will also entertain trades for wheels that fit a RS 3 with carbon ceramaic brakes. Looking at a couple different sizes and offsets. 5x112 or 5x114.3 18x9+45 or 19x9+45 Infinitewerks LS 3 Piece w/Reverse Lips...
  7. Tenv345

    FOR SALE: Genesis coupe wheels for sale with like new tires. 500obo for wheels and tires.

    What’s up gen owners. I have 2010-2012 gen coupe wheels and tires for sale, like new condition. Im asking 500obo. I’m located in the north jersey/nyc area. Call or text me at 9733423303 if interested.
  8. xiaphin

    FOR SALE: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Sedan 3.8 - Heavily Modified - Premium Package - Platinum Metallic - Cashmere - 99k miles

    $21,000 2010 Hyundai Genesis Sedan 3.8 V6 VIN | KMHGC4DE7AU089560 Mileage | 99,000 as of 3/20/19 Exterior | Platinum Metallic (AU) Interior | Cashmere (M5) Premium Package ---------Lexicon Audio | Sunroof | Rear Power Sun Shade | HomeLink Mirror | 17” Alloys Many of you know the car’s history...
  9. Has anyone seen these oe rims

    Hi. I’m looking at rims for my 16’ Genesis sedan Ultimate and I’ve come across these on Kijiji but I’ve image searched them and can’t find anywhere. The seller says they’re from a “current Genesis sedan V8”. Mine’s Caspian Black and I’m wondering how these would look. If anyone has pics or knows...
  10. Wheel weights

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 2015 Genesis 5.0 sedan. Id like to put some new wheels on but id like to buy lighter than stock if possible. I can't seem to find any info on the weight of the stock wheels. If anyone has any info id appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  11. First Generation 17" OEM Aluminum Wheel Set - Genesis 2009-2012

    Set of four (4) 17" wheels in good condition. Includes TPMS (52933-2F000). See pictures taken of each wheel. No tires or center caps available. From 2011 Genesis 3.8 sedan with 45K miles. Hyundai Part Number: 529103M051 Size: 17x6.5 Bolt Pattern: 4.5 inch, 114.3 mm (5x114.3, 5x4.5) Offset: 31...
  12. 2014 R-Spec Wheels

    Hi All, I have a full set of 2014 Genesis Sedan R-Spec wheels available. Bit of curb rash, but in overall good condition. If anyone is interested/looking for these wheels, shoot me a message.
  13. mburke64

    First Generation G80 sport Wheels on 2012 5.0

    So i have 2018 G80 Sport wheels for my 2012 Genny they fit perfectly. Once I get tires by the end of the week i will post pics. If I don't like them I will sell them to any one who wants them the tires will be new Michelin Super Sports 255/40/19 and 275/40/19. If you like these wheels stay tuned.
  14. First Generation 2010 4.6 sedan wheels

    Upgraded the wheels so th de have to go. Two tires have about 40-50k on them and two are bald. Rims started peeling so I plasti dipped them about 6 months ago. $150 plus shipping. Text is best way to reach me. 704-six8zer0-8246
  15. Second Generation Will These Wheels Fit?

    The stock tire/wheel specs for the second generation 5.0 are listed below: 245/40ZR19 / 275/35ZR19 8.5Jx19 ET40 / 9Jx19 ET49 5x114.3 M12 x 1.5 67.1 I'm currently looking at used 19" Riva MX7 wheels the specs are listed below: 19x8.5 35ET 5x114.3...
  16. thejhump

    Second Generation G2 Sedan 18" Wheels

    What is a good price for OEM (used or reconditioned) wheels? Should I buy OEMs or aftermarkets for winter tires if price is no concern?
  17. thejhump

    2015 3.8 Wheel Clearance

    For those with experience, do the 2015 5.0 rims (the 19" ones) fit fine on a 2015 3.8 AWD model? Looking to get bigger wheels for summer tires. Want to make sure that the wheel well isn't going to get torn to pieces
  18. FS: Genesis 2009-2012 17" Factory OEM Aluminum Wheel Set

    Set of four (4) 17" wheels in good condition with a few nicks. See pictures taken of each wheel. No tires or center caps available. TPMS for Hyundai available (52933-2F000). From 2011 Genesis 3.8 sedan with 45K miles. Hyundai Part Number: 529103M051 Size: 17x6.5 Bolt Pattern: 4.5 inch, 114.3...
  19. First gen R-spec sedan - will 18" first-gen Genesis wheels fit?

    Hey there folks, I'm new here, but I've been on car forums for about 15 years thanks to my love of my old 95 Impala SS. So, it's good to meet a new community. I've been searching and searching, and I've read many threads in the Wheels etc forum, but I'm unable to come up with a clear...
  20. 19" wheel touch up paint

    Does anyone know where I can get some touch up paint to match my 2015 5.0 19 inch factory wheels?
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