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  1. Thinking about buying a 2013 3.8

    Hey all, I'm looking pretty hard at buying a 2013 3.8 sold locally. It's got about 46,000 miles, so I figure it's got quite a bit of life yet. I've only owned domestics, like Grand Prix's, Bonnevilles, etc. I love the looks of the Genesis, and the power it offers for the price. Only thing is...
  2. Buying a used Hyundai Genesis? Are there any Canadian Genesis owners here?

    I am thinking about buying a used Genesis and I'm wondering about the pros and cons of buying one. I do see a few for sale where I live in Canada. Car 1: Currently $20,000 CAD (about $16000 USD) 2013 Genesis Technology Package Mileage is about 38,600 km (so about 24,200 miles) Car 2...
  3. Auto Wipers in Snow

    So this is my first winter in my '13 genesis and I've noticed a few times in the snow the auto wipers are quite inconsistent. Often times they won't activate for a while even though the windshield is covered in water droplets. Not a huge deal but more annoyance than anything. They've operated...
  4. 2011 Genesis 4.6 Selling winter tires and rims with TPMS

    I have a 2011 Genesis 4.6. Two years ago I bought a set of winter tires and wheels: Bridgestone Blizzack LM-60 winter tires (235/50-18) and Enkei Aletta wheels with new TPMS sensors These have ~ 3-4K miles on them. I am moving to warm climate and do not need these winter tires and wheels...
  5. Using Winter tires in Los Angeles

    I bought a set of winter tires (Blizzak LM60) and they are hardly used. Now I am moving to Los Angeles. I have tried but am unable to sell them. What do people think about using them in Los Angeles? Perhaps only during the relatively mild winters.
  6. 2011 Geneis 4.6 Selling winter tires and rims with TPMS

    I have a 2011 Genesis 4.6. Two years ago I bought a set of winter tires and wheels: Bridgestone Blizzack winter tires (235/50-18) and Enkei Aletta wheels with new TPMS sensors These have ~ 3-4K miles on them. I am moving to warm climate and do not need these winter tires and wheels. Willing...
  7. Winter Wheels on (Fast Samba)

    Hey guys, put my winters on. Posting cause i didn't see many pics of these wheels up and some ppl might be still shopping. Wheels are called Fast Samba 18" and are pretty cheap. Not my first choice but they were confirmed fit from manufacturer (everything else needed test fit). They just...
  8. 18" wheels on 2012 3.8 Track for winter?

    I need to get snow tires for my new (to me) 2012 3.8 Track Coupe. Tire rack seems to believe that I can only get 19" rims, but I'd like to move to 18s if possible to lower the price. What specs (offset, etc.) do I need to look for that will give me the right wheels? And do I need to get offset...
  9. V8 Winter Wheels

    I was able to purchase take offs from a 2015 V8 Genesis with new Hankook tires. Basically OEM staggered V8 wheels. Got a good deal but they arrived by screwed up again oups pretty badly damaged. I gave them to a neighbour of mine whose kid is crazy about cars. Actually has one of those big...
  10. What's everyone running for winter tires?

    I'm taking delivery of a 2015 Genesis Tech next week. I was thinking of running 225/50/18 Blizzak / X-Ice or Hankook W409's on the OEM wheels. I have a summer set up. What are others running for winter tires? Thoughts? Thanks,
  11. My New Winter tire Setup

    Hi all, just wanted to share my tires setup for this winter Got Braelin BR01 19" Staggered Set-up (exactly the factory sizes) 275/35/19 Rear 245/40/19 Front With Blizzark LM32
  12. 18" Winter Wheels - TSW Rouge

    I am looking at a set of 18" TSW Rouge wheels for my winter setup on my Casablanca White 2015 5.0 AWD. Does anyone else have these on your Genny and if so can you post a pic? Unfortunately the TSW website doesn't list the Genny as an option for the simulator but they look great on a 5 series...
  13. Second Generation Winter Driving Question

    I am thinking about getting a 3.8 V6 RWD. I live in Northern VA so we obviously get snow. Generally I would not be driving in deep snow, since nearly everything is plowed quickly. Usually slush, fresh snow, or some packed snow on the street I live on. So my questions are these 1-How does it...
  14. FS: Set of Winter Wheels (Tires+Rims)

    Hi All Up for sale an almost new set of winter wheels 18x8, 235/50 R18, Kumho Studless Winter Tires. Bought them in January and used them for 1000 miles as I was out of the country for the most part. I plan to garage my Genny during winters and use my wife's car as an winter beater therefore I...
  15. 427435

    Winter shoes coming off

    But I thought I would post a couple of pictures of them. Couldn't get nice pictures all winter as they were always dirty.
  16. 2011 genesis v6 bad winter gas mileage!

    So its been freezing here in ottawa canada. Minus 31 with the wind but ever since winter cane around and showed its ugly head so did my terrible gas mileage. Im getting 16.4l per 100kms mostly city driving. That works out to roughly 14mpg. Why is my car getting such awful gas mileage? I usually...
  17. Car Cover for the WINTER (SNOW)

    Before I ask: YES I read every post on this subject but none helped. What do those who've had experience with a valuable car and Northeast weather think of car covers for those of us who must leave our Best Beloved parked outside in all weathers? Are they good to protect from scratches when...
  18. Tpr5.0

    Ready for winter driving

    What tires are you using for winter driving?
  19. lgbalch

    For sale: 18: Blizzak winter tires, Wheels, and TPMS

    These will fit 2009-2014 Genesis 3.8 V6 sedans. I am selling because they won't fit my 2015 AWD. Tires: 235/50R18 Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60. Wheels: 18x8 Sport Edition SE-14 Bright Silver Paint. Offset +45mm; Backspacing 6.26"; Bolt pattern 5-114. Mounted and balanced, with TMPS sensors...
  20. Winter tires: Blizzak vs Michellin

    Any thoughts on the new Blizzak WS 80 vs Michellin xice Xi3? Both are now similarly priced on tire rack..