1. Front Door Sill light no working

    How easy/hard is it to replace the front door sill light? Driver's side is burned out (or worse) and need some assistance on whether I should take it to the dealer of if a novice can replace it. I've not done any exploratory ventures ATM.
  2. AC not working

    I started the car and heard a loud sound like a jet taking off. I think all the AC freon just escaped under the hood. The AC is not working. I popped the hood and the aluminum tube that is close to the center of the firewall has a large missing valve stem, or so it appears. Can someone...
  3. tmf2004

    Pandora not working?

    So i finally tried the Pandora app yesterday... Only problem is i could not get it to work on my phone.. Do i need to be connected to Wifi? How are you guys able to listen to this in the car? I had the phone plugged in to the USB stock port and not the aftermarket one i just bought..
  4. Rear seat warmers not working

    I am a new Canadian purchaser of a 2015 5.0 Ultimate. My wife observed that neither of the rear seat warmers is working. Before I take it in to the dealer, is there a menu option to enable/disable the rear seat warmers that I may have missed?
  5. Rear windows stopped working

    So I'm driving into work today and my rear passenger window rolls down - right next to my 2-year old son's car seat. I attempted to roll it back up, but to no avail. I then stopped at work, took a look at the fuses in the manual and went out to my car. The rear window has rolled up about 5...
  6. Push button on door handle not working and rear led lights out

    The little black button that let me unlock the door without using the key (proximity) stopped working. Ideas? Also..rear seat LED lights are done for. Looks like a dealer repair?
  7. Is my Automatic Emergency Braking not working?

    I've had the car for about a week and a half and not once have I had the AEB flash a warning signal even when I've been very close to the rear of other cars (was trying to test it)? I've always had to brake myself. How can I really know if my AEB system is working correctly?
  8. XM sub ended - voice commands stopped working. Any way to fix?

    Hi, Several weeks ago i've noticed that voice commands feature stopped working properly. When i press the button, nothing would happen for ~5 seconds, then i'd hear "Please wait", then nothing for 5-10 seconds, then it will beep. After performing the action nav would lock up (can't zoom in/out...
  9. OneFunGenesis

    My First Major Problem (Door Handle Not Working)

    Hey! So, I have been around here for a while and owned my car since 2012 pretty flawlessly...until this week. So, the button on my drivers side door handle decided to up and die. So, I took out my physical key to unlock the door manually...and that didn't work either. So, I grabbed my spare...
  10. Easy Access Feature Stopped Working

    I have owned a 2009 Genesis 4.6 V8 for about three years. It has a Tech package. The seat options and easy access for the seat have always worked. Recently, the car had to sit for a month while I recovered from knee surgery. During that time, something caused the battery to run down, and my wife...
  11. Sirius Data and Traffic not working on Ultimate

    Hey Gang, On Wednesday I finally took the plunge on a '15 3.8 Ultimate (Empire State Grey, Ivory) after discerning that there was no reason for me to wait for the '16 that justified the difference in price. I'm very happy with the deal I got, and I LOVE the car, but there is one thing that is...
  12. Power driver seat not working in 2011

    neither seat controls nor the memory buttons work. Just a beep from the memory buttons. Is there some reset procedure? Is this covered under 5 yr 60k warranty? I tried to search the threads but must not have done it correctly as no hits..
  13. First Generation Bluetooth not working

    My Bluetooth has stopped working. Is this a fuse problem? If so, which one?
  14. Proximity Sensor not working on Driver side

    Hello Tech Gurus I have 09 Gene for the last 2 years and am very happy with it, mostly. Recently, the driver side button to unlock/lock the doors stopped working. I have tried with both the fobs with same result. However, the passenger side button works perfectly. So, I have concluded: 1. The...
  15. Any Idea's on how to keep the LKA working with 1 Handed Driving??

    Hello all- I have always used 1 hand to drive my autos over the years- It appears that the LKA feature will not operate unless both hands are on the wheel. Any idea's on how to possibly fool the car into thinking that both hands are on the wheel? Not sure how the computer detects both hands on...
  16. drivers side door handle not working

    i've done some research and it appears my issue is not uncommon My drivers side door handle is not responding anymore. At first it was acting erraticly but now the button simply does not function anymore so I'm using the keyfob. I have a 2009 model that I plan on keeping a few more years...
  17. 2015 Genesis Nav stopped working..

    Got out of work and my nav just blacked out, everything works but the screen is black... Anyone experience this problem? I recorded it and uploaded it.
  18. USB port quit working

    On my 2012 3.8 Tech, in the middle of a song, the USB port suddenly quit working. I've tried a couple different flash drives that I know work, nothing. Aux still works, but the USB selection is grayed out, like I don't have anything plugged into the port. Anybody else run into this issue...
  19. Streaming (Spotify, etc.) from iPhone not working through USB on standard head unit

    We just bought a 2015 Genesis without the Ultimate package because of hopes that Apple CarPlay may become available with a software upgrade (since the same system in the 2015 Sonata apparently will get an upgrade). Unfortunately, while the USB connection works perfectly fine for songs stored on...
  20. "Key not detected", fob not working

    Over the last few months, the effectiveness of my key fobs has gotten progressively worse. At this point, I cannot lock or unlock the doors or trunk, and the button on the driver door no longer works to unlock the door when I am standing beside the car. Also, after I get into the car, I now...