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  1. Free 2 Months of Sirius XM

    I guess Sirius XM Satellite is suffering a little bit. I don't know why I would use this over Pandora, but I guess it's a good deal for anyone that likes to listen to news or Howard Stern? http://www.spoofee.com/free-2-months-of-sirius-xm-radio/deals/795481 :) :) :)
  2. hokie1525

    XM Notification

    I have a 2015 Genesis with the 9.2" screen (not sure that matters here). I have XM set up to notify me when particular artists play, but unlike my old Nissan it only flashes a notification, it doesn't beep or anything. Is there a way to make it beep? I seemed to have missed some notification...
  3. Second Generation New Genesis xm traffic problem

    Xm traffic will not work on my new Genesis sedan . Any ideas?
  4. R-Spectable

    XM radio question Lexicon 2013 R-Spec Sedan

    Over the past week or so I've lost the ability to scroll through channels using the scroll wheel. If I roll one click up or down, the display says CH not available and it stays on the current channel. But, if I push the top left station button I can scroll to the station with no problem. Does...
  5. XM sub ended - voice commands stopped working. Any way to fix?

    Hi, Several weeks ago i've noticed that voice commands feature stopped working properly. When i press the button, nothing would happen for ~5 seconds, then i'd hear "Please wait", then nothing for 5-10 seconds, then it will beep. After performing the action nav would lock up (can't zoom in/out...
  6. Second Generation 2015 ultimate studio xm volume issue

    I have a new 2015 genesis ultimate. The xm stereo works well save that the volume will adjust without my input. It's like there's a volume leveling function. When the music gets loud the volume decreases, when it gets quieter, the volume increases. To clarify, the numbered volume level does not...
  7. Second Generation Sirius XM traffic problem

    On October 1, 2015 I took delivery of a new 2015 Genesis Tech 3.8. Generally I've been very happy with the overall quality of the vehicle, but after only a couple of days of familiarizing myself with the various features available, it became apparent that the traffic feature was non-functional...
  8. srobak

    G2 2015 XM strangeness

    I swear I read a thread along these lines not long ago - but cannot seem to find it again - and keyword searches for "xm", "radio" or others has a serious needle & haystack factor :) So - picked up my Ultimate yesterday and have been having this strange issue with my XM. I've been round and...
  9. Sirius xm subscription

    I know that if you hold out on subscribing to Sirius after the free trial offer you get a better rate. So far the best I can find is $29.99 for 5 months of a Select subscription. Anyone have or see anything cheaper?
  10. Canadian xm traffic?

    I recently purchased a 2015 Casablanca white Genesis tech package about 2 weeks ago. Ever since I got the car it had xm travel link equipped but not traffic. I called xm to have them activate it on my trail account and they notified me that the car doesn't have a compatible radio and when they...
  11. Second Generation 2015 Sirius xm

    Radio frozen on " preparing Sirus radio" ! Unable to select stations etc.. AMFM works fine. The Sirus is stuck on the last station. ( days ago ) any thoughts ?
  12. Sirius XM kills ESCAPE Channel on 8/13/15

    One of the more annoying news headlines today is that a marketing moron named Steve Blatter, a VP at Sirius XM radio, has canceled the ESCAPE channel #69. Seems they needed room for more hip-hop channels. I just got off the phone with them about this issue and explained my imminent departure...
  13. XM Radio Song Title Question

    Is there any way to show the entire song title when listening to XM? In the split screen view and a song is too long for the screen, it will show three dots but I cannot see a way to see the entire song name.
  14. Xm data weather?

    I just traded in my 2013 Signature for a 2015 Signature. It has been my favorite car of all time. I do have a question for anyone that has a 2015 (maybe a 2014 as well, since there apparently are little/no differences.) I can't seem to get weather on XM Data screen. Traffic, sports, stocks...
  15. Sunroof - Not Closing / XM Radio constantly updates

    Hey Genesis Owners, Two Issues -5.2K on car Ultimate Package 5.0 So the other day, my sunroof wouldn't close... I had to try to close it 10 times until it actually did so. It would close half way, slowly come to a stall, then reverse back to open position. Since closed, haven't opened it...
  16. Aquineas

    Easily displaying XM song title

    Is there a minimally distractive way of quickly pulling up the artist and title of a song playing on XM (without hitting having to hit home and then navigating via an onscreen menu to audio/xm)? It probably is accessible on the 7" screen, just am not familiar with it yet.
  17. Anyone Else Start Magically Getting XM Service?

    When I was driving into work this morning I noticed I was getting traffic info on my nav map. I realized I hadn't seen that since I let my promotional XM subscription expire, so I tapped the XM button and low and behold, music! Anyone know why this might have happened?
  18. Xm sound loss

    I have been experiencing times when I lose the sound while listening to XM, sound stays off for about 30 seconds and comes back on. I called Sirius while I was sitting in the car, explained the problem, they ran some checks and refreshed the signal. No problem on that end, so I took it to the...
  19. XM Presets

    How do I delete XM Presets?
  20. XM 1 Preview at startup? Why? Can disable?

    Lately after restarting my car and turning on XM radio. XM always starts on XM channel 1 Preview. Is there a way to bypass this and just have it tune to some other station such as my favorites list? I don't recall XM radio doing this channel 1 at startup. Is this just temporary? Any help...