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1 different size tire on rear


Hasn't posted much yet...
just purchased a 2013 genesis 3.8 track with 43k

car was bad squirrely on the freeway under load, but just attributed it to the fact it was wet and raining.

get home and realize it has 2 different tires on the back. 225/40/19, and a 245/40/19

now I've contacted the dealer and they are going to try and do something about it monday, however, its a 30 mile drive to them.

I've always read it's not good to have 2 different size tires on the diff, especially for long drives.

would it be bad (for the differential) to drive that far with it as is? would it be better to rotate the off tire to the front? There's no telling how long it's been this way, but the 225 looks hardly worn

Any help would be appreciated.

I think I posted this on the sedan forums earlier, my fault.
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