2010 genesis coupe 3.8


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I recently bought a 3.8 coupe 6 speed. i get a PO 0018 code. which is bank2 sensor a out of sync. dealer replaced both ocv on driver side. Cleared code and sent me on my way.
it came back within 30 mins of driving. the car experiences zero power. it bogs down on acceration. if i shut car down and turn back on it is fine for a few minutes.. plenty of power and then comes back to same issue.

Is it possible the timing chain is loose. back tensioners? i think electronically is is good. cant figure it out. Out of warranty. is code for p0018 passenger side ocv's? Any input appreciated.
it feels like the timing is off on car. idle alittle funny also. esp at startup. you tube link at to hear bog.

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