2011 3.8 liter V6 clicking engine noise started at 60k


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
The infamous clicking noise has started on my Genesis and does this only when starting after sitting a few hours. Does anyone know what exactly is wrong and whether it’s covered under the Powertrain warranty as I am the original owner. I was unable to load the video but when starting the engine makes a loud clicking noise for 3-5 seconds and is coming from the top of the cover over the engine.
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Genesis Model Type
1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
1st guess: You've got a lifter that's draining when cold and clattering until oil pressure gets it pumped back up after startup. If it's doing it when very cold outside, downgrade your oil weight a notch and that may help improve flow into the lifter and reduce duration of the noise. This could be intermittent depending on cam/lifter position w/r/t its oil channel when off. IIRC most lifters have check valves, so it might be going bad. But you'd probably also have a rough running engine with a cylinder misfire and blinking CEL for the same few seconds until the lifter pumps up and misfire goes away

2nd guess: More of a long shot... the GDI high pressure fuel pump HPFP is cavigating at initial startup until the LPFP in the tank gets it full of fuel. I sawy long shot because the car would probably not run right (if at all) without enough HP fuel pressure in the fuel rails. I'd start by checking/replacing the fuel filter. Then check the LPFP to make sure it's pushing sufficient pressure (it would likely set a CEL under normal operation if not). Could be the lifter for the HPFP as well (presuming it has one, see above) or the HP fuel line clattering against its mounts.

Both of these would be covered under powertrain warranty.


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Shot in the dark, but the manual for the 3.8 V6 (and possibly all Lambda engines) state to have the valves adjusted at 60,000 miles if there is any valve tappet noise. Could be this, but doubt it.....


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Its a solid lifter engine so valves will need adjusting at times. I had a solid lifter engine some years ago in a car and they needed to be checked and adjusted every 50,000 miles. Also a 2011 is not a GDI engine.
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