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2011 4.6 sedan


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
Long post, but here it goes.

There are suspension upgrades available (coil springs or coilovers). There isn't a tune available as far as I know, but a race shop with a dyno might be able to custom dyno tune (not sure if anyone has gone this route yet). As far as a cold air intake, that's not really possible. What I mean by that is if you replace the stock system with a cone filter and pipe you will basically have a hot air intake unless you put a box around the filter to try and shield it from the engine heat. The reason you can't have a true cold air intake (cone filter with smooth piping going down into the bumper) is because you can't get the cone filter down into the bumper area to draw in cold air as there is equipment in the way of where the filter would need to go behind the bumper.

Couple of options for the intake from what I've researched so far:

1. Modify the stock box by removing the magnetic air flap, better drop in filter (seems like K&N is the only option for a "performance" drop in filter), and replace the stock tubing from the throttle body to the MAF with some 4" intake tubing, a coupler from the tubing to the MAF (4"), and a 4" 90 degree coupler from the throttle body to the 4" intake tubing. This might actually be the best option if you're after a true cold air intake system because the stock box seems to be the only way to keep heat at bay. Another modification you could do to the stock box is cut out a portion of the bottom of the box to draw air in from the bumper. You could fix some flex tubing from the cutout and make it down into the bumper for an additional source of colder air.

1a: Modify the stock box by removing the magnetic air flap, better drop in filter (seems like K&N is the only option for a "performance" drop in filter), pull off the intake resonators and cap them, cut out a portion of the bottom of the intake box and fix a flex hose to the bottom to draw air in from the bumper. This option is cheap, but I'm not sure you will get the sound you want.

1b: Remove stock intake box and replace with a 4" cone filter (see below link for a filter option) by clamping the filter to the MAF. Pull the intake resonators and cap them. This option is cheap and will definitely give you a good sound.

2. Genesis 4.6L V8 Silicone Intake by SXTH Element

3. You could make your own intake like #2 option, but for a little less. You would basically need everything from option #1 and then add a 4" OD cone filter (4" 90 degree coupler, 4" intake tubing, 4" coupler, 4" OD cone filter). Here's an idea of the parts you would need:

- 4" intake tubing: Aluminum Intake Tubing 4" OD X 24" Long
- 4" 90 degree coupler: Rubber Elbow 4" ID X 90 Degree Short Radius
- 4" coupler: Amazon.com: Spectre Performance 9771 Black 4" Intake Coupler: Automotive
- 4" Cone filter: Amazon.com: BLUE 4" 102mm Inlet Truck Air Intake Cone Replacement Quality Dry Air Filter: Automotive
- You would also need some larger hose clamps to secure everything. You can get those at any hardware store in the plumbing section I believe.
- I suspect you would need to cut the 24" tubing to fit.

The current setup I have so far is option 1b and I got the sound I was after. I initially kept the stock box and filter and just pulled the resonators and magnetic flap, but the sound wasn't what I wanted. It sounded better, but wasn't what I was after.

I'm after the sound as this is my daily driver and I don't really care if my performance stays the same, gains, or loses. Eventually I will post some pics of what I end up with and share it with the community. I will eventually get dyno's of 1A and 1B setups, but I can't imagine there is much of a difference between the two besides sound.
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