2011 Genesis 4.6 - Custom Exhaust Install, LEDs, Trunk and Hood emblems


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Hey all first post. I wanted to give back due to all the great information that I have gotten from this site. I am posting info on the LED interior light install, custom exhaust install and emblem placement help/guide.


I just had the stock mufflers removed, swapped to Borla ProXS #40357. My main reason for posting these pics is that two muffler experts in my area (Southwest Chicago) would not touch the install without a "kit". I talked with a friend and he suggested Midas in Orland Park, IL and well they are amazing over there. Rob did the work and he is a mechanical genius. I posted the pics so that if you need to do this install you have a visual helper. Just under $300 (2 hours of labor @$120/per hour, material and hangars) for the muffler/tips install.

14810 South Lagrange Road
Orland Park IL 60462

Exhaust - Amazon, new, for $93 each - ProXS Muffler part # 40357

Tips - Ebay $99 - Tri-hybers exhaust tips 3" quad staggered dual angle cut round 2.25" inlet | eBay

The (2) main concerns were the tips being too far out of the bumper and the brake lines that hang directly behind each muffler. Rob had to cut the inlet and outlet of the muffler down to almost nothing and move the muffler forward on the install. The tips that I bought are 9.65" inches. Hopefully the pics can help someone with their install. They came out amazing!

Borla ProXS 40357 Sound:

I have a Mustang GT with catback straight pipes and I did not want this car to be that loud...I just wanted to "hear" the cars power when I am driving it harder then normal. The sound is almost perfect, very deep growl on start up and 1st, 2nd gear normal driving. Under normal acceleration when I am in 3rd+ it is almost non perceptible in the cabin...perfect with no drone. In manual mode when I hammer it...yea I just smile through the gears!!!


LEDs - Amazon $10 (for 20) - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y1CFAB2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The LED install. Super easy, 10 minutes tops, with a BIG payout. I installed the Blue LEDs under each door. Slowly pry at the side of each cap with a flathead screw driver until one side comes up and work the assembly off. Then press your flathead into the lock/connector and simply pull off assembly. Then turn/twist plastic cover 90 degrees which will allow you to take off cover. Pull off light, push in LED. *****LEDs have polarity**** Before you assemble all back up, plug the light housing back in, if it lights up reinstall as you uninstalled....if light does not light remove and flip/turn LED 180 degrees in the housing and retry. There are way too many people that comment on Amazon that LEDs do not work not realizing that they may (50% of the time) have to flip the LED in the housing.

LED install in wheel well requires you to use the same thin flathead and pry/pinch in at the ends for easy removal. The housing does NOT come off/down from these (2) locations. Also, the LEDs fit perfectly into the doors but in the wheel well they were a tad too snug. First move back the 2 LED wires at the end of the plastic plug, Then I had to use a needle nose pliers and squeeze down on the bare plastic...tip of pliers facing the LED light. Squeeze HARD on each side 1/3 and then directly in the middle...I did this twice, put the wires back in place and the bulbs fit fine with a little pushing. Also, the passenger light housing is in place fairly strong but the driver side required me to hold the housing from the back to push the LED in place. I did NOT re install the covers for the footwells as they are opaque and I wanted to see the LEDs at night. After I saw the light intensity/color and realized you cannot see the covers removed, nor would anyone hit the LEDs I decided not to replace them due to me not wanting the color diminished.

Again, this sounds like a lot but it was no more then 10 minutes to do all of the bulbs. In pics...covers put back on doors, covers left off in wheel wells.

LED light:

I have the cabin light off so just the wheel well and doors light up. During the day LED light is non visible. At night it looks awesome...feels good with the pale blue of the standard dash. Also, everyone that gets in at night has commented on the door lights. The wheel well lights just feel standard


Rear Emblem - Easy as pie, direct sun or heat with a hairdryer to ONLY loosen the glue not melt the emblem. I used 30 lb test fishing line rolled around (2) wood dowels and "dragged" the line to break the glues grip. Sides in, then top down, the bottom up...then pull straight out. Mine had a lot of glue left so I used more heat, a NON sharp piece of plastic and carefully but quickly rolled/removed as much booger/glue that I could. I then used my thumbnail on the harder pieces with more heat. Last I used Goo Gone to clean it up to the paint. Took 15 minutes tops.....due to the holes already in place. Peel, push in place, hold for 60 secs., stand back and smile.

Hood Emblem - This one has drawn mixed responses on this site. Some like it some dont....I do.

First, dremel off the studs on the back as the American cars dont have holes in the hoods. Some people have used pliers/needle nose and just squeezed them until the break off. Either way get the broken off pieces to be under the glue level/layer on the backing so the emblem sits flush. This took be 5 minutes with a dremel sitting having a beer.

I looked at the Korean Genesis pictures for a placement height guide and after a few dry runs my son and I liked it at .75" from the edge of the grill trim. If you put a piece of blue painter tape under that "area" and measure (using a tape) from edge of grill to edge of grill you will get 34 and 2/16ths, make a mark at 17 and 1/16th on your tape for dry run placement ***(Warning this is me using my measuring tape looking at my edge to edge points USE YOUR OWN MEASUREMENTS).*** For height (wing tips) I put a piece of painter tape "perpendicular" to the grill up each side so the wing tip and tape just barely did not touch. I measured up each side from the grill and marked the equidistant points on the tape...again for dry run placement. Once you are happy, remove backing tape, put in place, hold for 60 seconds. The measuring and hold in place took about 5 minutes.

This job took me a max of 45 minutes for the LEDs and emblems...mostly me moving from the garage to the car.

Thank you all for the GREAT information that you provide to me and the community and I will give back as much information that I can to help out as well.


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Thank you kindly
Appreciate you posting this! I been wanting to change mufflers on my 2nd Gen and this helps me. If you can post a sound clip or youtube video for sound quality it will help me tremendously. Thank you in advance. PS I am like an hour away from the place if I don't find someone good I am probably gonna go there.
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