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2011 Genesis 4.6 - Mod Stock Intake System For Sound


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
Quick Update:

I initially just removed the intake mufflers, and while I got a little better sound it was not even close to the sound I got when removing the bottom piece from the intake box. Additionally I had installed a cone filter onto the MAF and the sound I'm getting from the modified intake box is the same as the cone filter, so I am keeping the intake box mod instead.

I'm new to the forum and suspect someone has already covered how to get a "cold air intake" sound out of your stock intake system, but thought I would share just in case. I like keeping a stock intake box, but prefer to hear the intake system growl, so I did the below steps to get there. This isn't a performance mod. It's only for those that would like a cheap and effective way to get some great sound out of their Genesis. If the 3.8's have the same intake setup then this should work exactly the same for them.

1. Remove the intake mufflers from both sides of the intake (leave the bottom as this one doesn't seem to effect sound and isn't easily removed) and fill the holes with Hillman Rubber Stoppers (#9 1/2). Amazon carries them, but so should your local hardware store (Amazon.com: The Hillman Group 52043 #9-1/2 Extra Large Rubber Stopper, 2-Pack: Home Improvement).

- Use the existing clamps to clamp them down and ensure they do not move. See pics of the stoppers installed (I have a video of me pushing on one to show how well it stays in place, but apparently I can't post it here). The outside hole is the larger hole and is the one that needs to be double and triple checked to ensure you have the stopper clamped down well.

2. Remove intake box (couple of 10mm bolts and some clips to remove to get the entire contraption out. It's best to unbolt the MAF from the intake box before you remove the entire intake box contraption. Now you need to remove the lower part that is attached to the box ("Remove This" pic). You will leave the other part that is attached to the side of the intake box ("Leave this in place" pic) that draws air from above the radiator because removing it does not effect intake sound.

3. Re-install the intake box and enjoy.

I've come from the BMW side and we used to debaffle our intake boxes for the same sound as a CAI, and what I've done accomplishes the same thing.


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