2012 Genesis V6 Electrical Problems with Radio Receiver/FOB


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
I have survived most of the electrical problems that plagued scores of thousands of 2012 Genesis Sedans. However, my FOB must now be inserted into the slot below the radio to turn on the engine. Also, my FOB can not be used to open or lock the car doors or trunk and I must use the physical key in the FOB.

I had dropped one of two FOBs onto a concrete street curb where a slight amount of sprinkler runoff water was flowing. I picked up the FOB immediately and dried a tiny amount of water off but it would not work. What is puzzling is that my other good FOB would not work with radio telemetry as well. It was also puzzling that my physical latch inside the driver's side would not work, even with the inserted FOB and engine running. This makes me believe there may be an electrical problem originating inside the car's radio receiver since the other working FOB was working. The 40-bit rolling code might being failing or shorting for what ever reason that we usually referred to as Gremlins in our shorting electrical circuits.

The car was serviced for this electrical problem when both FOBs were working when the trunk latch would not open with a transmitted radio signal from either FOB. I purchased a third FOB online but it did not come with coding instructions. I will likely need to take the car in but would appreciate any comments or suggestions about what the problem is or might be. Thanks ahead of time.
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