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2013 R-Spec 3.8L Manual Clutch Trouble-Shoot and Suggestions


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Hey all,

New member, but I've had my Genesis for over a year now. Like the post title says, I'm running through some issues with my Genny and the clutch.

The clutch pedal has become fairly soft compared to when I first got the vehicle. I have to press down pretty deep to shift properly. Even then I am still missing gear shifts 10 to 20 percent of the time. On top of that there's the ever-looming threat of the pedal sinking completely to the floor and not resetting. This has happened twice since before I stopped driving the vehicle entirely.

I've come to the conclusion that I want to do a clutch kit and replace the Slave Cylinder. Parts I've found on the web down below for reference.

Clutch Kit for 3.8L

Slave Cylinder

I plan on using the ACT Clutch Video Linked here for most of my visual instructions.

I understand the video is for the 2.0t series, but I imagine taking out the drive shaft and transmission steps aren't much different to what I'll experience. Of course, I'll be following the clutch kit I purchased instructions for most of the more precise steps.

This will be the most intense repair I've ever done on this vehicle, but I have a shop bay with all the tools I'll ever need available for rent. In addition to some very mechanically experienced friends to help out as well. So, I'm pretty fortunate in those two departments. However, I wanted to tap into the forums and see if anybody had done this work before or have better options to consider please let me know.

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