2013 R-Spec 5.0 Sedan Pronounced but Polished Exhaust options?


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I am looking to upgrade my exhaust system on the 2013 R-spec 5.0 sedan. I keep seeing Dynomax VT but then I read somewhere that Dynomax is no longer selling it ? What part number of VT mufflers do I need to source. Are there other decent options that do not drone or have very little. Since I use the vehicle for work do not want the drone very loud but definitely a more aggressive but not obnoxious sound would be great. Also does this model car with the engine benefit much from an exhaust in responsiveness what kind of realistic gains. Also what intake to match or does it even matter. Sometimes it floods some streets where I am so an intake that doesnt place the intake much lower would help to be safer vs say a cold air intake in the fender that may suck more water.

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As far as I know the VT is done. I had an xpipe welded in a few weeks ago and at the shop they had a cutout of the VT mounted to the wall. Inside there was a spring that would actuate a flap - I suspect it was a failure point and thus the discontinuation. I'm in the same boat re your exhaust wants/needs. When the weather gets nicer I plan on installing some secondary cat deletes and going with Borla Pro XS mufflers. For the intake, you can go with just a K&N drop in if sucking in water is a concern - a shielded CAI I think is nonexistent for our application.


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I recently purchased a Weapon R Intake for mine and I'm quite happy with it. Butt dyno tells me that the motor seems pretty happy being able to breathe a bit easier, and the intake noise under mid/full throttle sounds cool. I plan on taking the car back to the dyno once I install the Dynomax system and test pipes that I recently purchased so I can see if there have been any real gains besides the noise. Last dyno trip the car made 350hp/337ftlbs bone stock. When we disconnected the airbox and installed a velocity stack on the end of the intake pipe for shits and giggles, the car made 360hp/346ftlbs.

Installation was simple and it looks quite good under the hood. It comes with an extra section of 'accordian' hose that is designed to be clamped to the front of the filter and meant to be routed outside of the engine bay, but without cutting or removing items, there is no easy way to route it below the headlight or behind the fascia.

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