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The maps installed on my new 2014 Genesis Technology Sedan is at least two years out of date. To my disappointment the dealership advised that if i wanted to update the maps it could cost $495.00 (plus applicable taxes).

Map updates for GPS systems such as Garmin are priced at approximately $49.95. How can Hyundai justify such an exorbitant charge for a simple update. In addition, why would they not allow us to update the maps on our own in a similar manner that companies like Garmin do.

I am very pleased with the car, except for this item


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I don't like the nav system on my 2011, so I don't use it and have never updated it. There are several threads about updating the gen-1 nav systems, most by unhappy customers. Fortunately the 2015 has a new system with flash drive memory. (The old one required a multi-hour update by CD.)


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Try this website: http://www.mapnsoft.com
I am pretty sure that touchscreen Nave updates can applied by customers, but not sure if you can update the maps yourself if you have the DIS controlled Nav, but you can call them to get clarification.

Map updates are a profitable piece of business for automakers and dealers. It is sort of like inkjet printer manufacturers, in that they know they have you buy the balls and you have to buy the ink from them (although some companies have figured out how to get past the embedded computer chips in the ink cartridges that are designed to keep out 3rd party suppliers.

BTW, I have a Garmin LM40 that has free lifetime updates that are issued quarterly. The LM40 cost me $80 on sale (the total price of GPS with free lifetime updates). I saw the LM40 for $80 on Newegg.com recently.
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