FOR SALE: 2015 5.0 Genesis


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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
Ive got a project here for someone who knows more about these cars than i do. It’s kinda a long story but it has 34k miles on it. The engine has 26k miles and was replaced about 400 miles ago. I put new fuel pumps on it at the time of the engine swap. Basically what im trying to fix is when you open the throttle up all the way it wont shift, check engine light flashes, and it starts running rough. Otherwise it runs fine. My mechanic found metal shavings in my original engine so thats why i did the engine swap. Now Im working on trying to get the shift problem fixed but if someone wants a project its theirs for $17k. Really it should probably go to somebody who is gonna mod it out since they aren’t worried about warranty.


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