2015 5.0 Ultimate Canada - DIS Lockup


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Hello all,

I test drove a used 2015 5.0 AWD ultimate here in Canada. All seemed fine, but suddenly after about 25 minutes on the drive, the DIS knob wouldn’t unction, nor would any of the buttons surrounding it (nav/map, home, back, etc). The touchscreen continued to work for these functions during this time.

This car also exhibited the “dual lines” on the backup camera, which I have heard of.

Any advice on this? I’d of course want the dealer to fix these things before I considered purchasing


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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
Dual lines means your variant programming has gotten reset, usually from the battery being run dead or disconnected at some point. Just go into the dealer menu (hold center circle in System Info menu)>variants (code 6172)>System and check the box for "Park Assist 1" (I think) it will turn the line under it from "Rear Camera Only" to "PG5". Hit Send on the top right and you should be good to go after a reboot. And the easiest way to perform a reboot is to open the SD card slot on the radio face, press the SD card to eject it, then press it back in. You may want to peruse this list and ensure the relevant features are checked- the head unit and instrument cluster may not know all the features your car is equipped with. However, checking things that are not equipped or not for your region will introduce hilarious side effects that you are best not used.

There are other things you can mess with in these menus, but some may make it quite difficult to get back into the system or navigation (like changing "dvd" regions or map zones). Fortunately nothing is permanent and you can always tiptoe back into the dealer menu after a reboot. Plus you can find all the hidden goodies and features like DAB radio or DMB TV (neither are available in US). Or "VIP" mode for the sound system, for when you've got a company president in your right rear seat.
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