2015 Genesis Lease Rates


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I am planning to finance or lease Genesis in Canada. I have to have the Ultimate model because of all the features. Its too bad that only 5.0 V8 has offers Ultimate model.

I am looking for lease rates you guys already purchased in Canada.

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Is that a Hyundai Canada thing? In the USA, both the V6 and V8 have the Ultimate Package as an option.

Yeah. its a Canada thing. Which is not great. But we get AWD for 5.0L in Canada. I am not a big fan for V8 anyway, it will drink gas like crazy. But I do like the Ultimate features. I need some rates to compare. Going to the dealer soon to negotiate.


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I'm in Vancouver looking for the exact same thing. Trying to get one under 600 a month but so far best deal I found for 600 a month was with 3500 down. What have you been quoted? If your in van maybe we can do a group buy try to get a better deal
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