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2015 Genesis Prototype Previews


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Well done! Thanks for the reads.

Smaller trunk, eh? (Car and Driver)

No mentions of leather dash option, or wings instead of H for USA market.


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I already have one Hyundai in our family. I bought my daughter a brand-new 2013 Elantra Limited with Nav (in 2013) and fortunately for her, she uses an iPhone 4S with the old iPhone 30-pin connector and it connects perfectly (displaying the song title, album info, and playing the music through the car's stereo). I hear that it's a little tricky when connecting her Elantra to an iPhone 5s. I personally use an iPhone 5s. I wonder if anyone knows if the new Hyundai Genesis for 2015 will connect smoothly with an iPhone 5s lightening connector. If you have a minute, please see the following video on youtube that shows the problem that Elantra owners have with the current Hyundai 30-pin iPod connector when used with the lightening adapter on a late-model Elantra:


This video basically explains what my fears are when connecting an iPhone 5s to the new Hyundai Genesis.

I hope that Hyundai makes a new iPhone adapter that has been thoroughly tested and already uses a direct lightening connection (no lightening to 30-pin adapter needed), since Apple doesn't use the 30-pin connector anymore on any of their products since last year. The new Genesis has the latest infotainment system. It should hopefully "play nice" with an iPhone 5s or future iPhone models that use the Apple lightening connection. Does anyone know?


Getting familiar with the group...
The new Genesis supports Siri Eyes Free so it will have much better iPhone integration. Starting in 2013 I believe you don't need a special cable but I haven't tried it yet.
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