2015 Hyundai Genesis coupe 3.8 rspec


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Hello guys first time using this so if I don’t reply just know I forgot about this lol

anyways I’m having a issue with my headlights
At first I thought my headlights were out so I went to go buy some new one and in the process of changing them out I found out that my headlights actually still works while I was behide the headlights I turned the plastic part connected to the bulb left or right don’t remember which one now but they both turned on. So I thought my problem was fixed come the next day I try to turn them on again n bomb they aren’t working anymore. If anyone can telling me what’s happening I would appreciate that I tryed looking at the settings on my dashboard to see if there was anything on there that’s making them not work but I couldn’t find anything. Are the headlights on lock mode or something? Idk let me know guys
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