2016 Coupe Ultimate 6spd audio


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So I searched high and low for a couple days with out success on how to add an amp and sub to my 2016 Genesis Coupe Ultimate. Hopefully someone will find this info useful.

Passenger side rear interior panels hide an amp. To remove the panels, remove the rear seat bottom. One bolt 12mm behind the middle of the seat bottom accessed with the rear seat folded forward. Same bolt that holds the emergency seat release strap. A single clip at the front of the seat bench in the middle of each seat.

Then pull the upper most panel. There is one 10mm bolt under an egg shaped cover. Push one side and the other side will lift far enough to get a finger nail under. Pull from top gently till the clips start releasing.

Main panel has two push pin style clips hidden when the seat back is up. Pull those then start at the door pulling the panel into the car.

Little shimmy and shake and it should come out.

On the amp on the bigger connector you want the pink wire for your remote power on signal and I tapped into the speaker for the sound feed.

I ran my power wire from battery through the engine noise tube. After pushing about 3ft of wire into the hole I was able to find it inside the cabin by thrusting my hand between the firewall and AC fan box behind the glove box.

I lifted the light up genesis floor/door plate starting at the back and moving towards the front. This pulls straight up but there is not alot of wire for the light up part so dont go wild. Once out of the way the kick panel in front of it comes out easily starting with the bump at the firewall and pulling the panel towards the center console.

I used lots of zip ties to secure all the wires to existing wire looms, soldered instead of crimped and was generous with heat shrink tubing (put the heat shrink on the wire before soldering). When i solder inside cars I put a strip of kitchen foil down incase of solder drops and as a good safe place to rest my soldering iron. Just be aware of what's under the foil.
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